YMMV / Freedom Force

  • Anti-Climax Boss: Big Bad Lord Dominion, the ruler of the entire freakin' multiverse, turns out to be a 4-foot tall twerp who's barely any tougher than his basic alien Mooks.
    • And Timemaster may have to be fought several times, but Microwave can hold him down pretty much on his own. Blame the clones. Green Genie can be devastating against him as well considering her default attack can whittle him down surprisingly quickly with without expending any energy.
  • Complete Monster: In a game that celebrates the goofy legacy of Silver Age comics, Time Master comes across as one of the most sinister villains in the franchise. In the first game, he tests the Freedom Force by having dinosaurs appear in the middle of Patriot City and gives technology to Mr. Mechanical to aid in his quest to destroy several parts of the city. Time Master in the end reveals himself, revealing that the point of these tests was to discover who was the most powerful member of Freedom Force. Deciding Man Bot is the most powerful, Time Master kidnaps him and plans to overload his powers near the Celestial Clock, which would destroy the universe and make Time Master immortal.
  • Contested Sequel: Freedom Force vs The Third Reich was an excellent game, but the dumbing down of the energy system from a wide spectrum of possible energy costs to a choice of 0, 1, 2, or 3 of 3 bars of energy dismayed the community when it was released.
    • One camp hate how it makes some powers too cheap or expensive, claiming it ruins the balance. The others say it helps to streamline the game and cut down on micromanagement. Though everyone hates that Man O'War's Storm Bolt now has an energy cost.
  • Ear Worm: Nu-cle-ar Vin-ter, Nooo! Turns Your Lands to Snoooow!
  • Funny Moments: During Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, Green Genie starts flying around the Freedom Fortress, transforming random objects, and then transforming Quetzalcoatl into a chicken.
    Quetzalcoatl (As A Chicken): You dishonor me and my ancestors!
  • Game-Breaker: Some powers are more powerful than others. The largest gamebreaker in Freedom Force 1 is probably Microwave's Clone ability. There is no limit to how many clones Microwave can have at a time, and although each clone has only half the health of the original, they've got all the attack power. The AI is not not quite fast enough/smart enough to pick off the clones faster than Microwave can make them.
    • Supercollider, a bonus character from the first game, might be this too. Ridiculously high attack and defense power makes him harder to kill than most bosses, and nearly every punch he lands is an instant KO. In the second game his stats were reduced to prevent this.
    • Tombstone's Possession power allows you to take control of any opponent. Tombstone himself cannot move while he's using it, but that doesn't stop him from using it to paralyze foes, including bosses, so other team members can rip them up. Try it on Entropy or Timemaster!
    • The Character editor allows you to make custom heroes. Feel free to design your own game breakers!
    • It happens the other way with the game to degree, Man-Bot's power to rapidly replenish his comrades with Energy X on top of his considerable strength and firepower can easily lead you to build him up to become the tactical lynchpin of your superhero field team. Thus when he is abducted late in the game, that can throw you for a loop.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: The Fist Icon Glitch that plagues the Steam version, locking the games curser into Attack mode, thus making the game very difficult to play, and makes Minuteman run off to his own devices, ignoring the player's commands, early stages of the game impossible. The glitch persists even if the game is restarted, and the suggested fixes (such as lowering the games resolution) often do not work.
    • It's so bad that most Steam reviews declare the whole game flat out unplayable because of it.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Alchemiss is a Scarlet Witch Expy but with a storyline that resembles Jean Grey, later in comics Scarlet Witch gets a similar A God Am I arc.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Mentor's usefulness. He's often regarded as bottom of the bottom tier.
    • How bad is this? It's considered possibly useful to get one of his powers for a single mission in the original game. That's it. The only time you'll be advised to use him.
  • Narm Charm: Doesn't technically qualify as Narm, as it's deliberate, but the dialogue is intentionally written in the sort of over-the-top cheesy style that defined the Silver Age.
  • Tear Jerker: Honestly, for all the Narm and cheesy dialog, these games can actually tug at the heartstrings from time to time.
    • Tricolour's origin story is particularly affecting in the scene where while Brainwashed and Crazy, she is assisting in the interrogation of French soldiers, one of whom begins singing "La Marseille" in defiance of the Nazis, which serves to break Tricolour's brainwashing. Her subsequent My God, What Have I Done? reaction is heart-wrenching.