YMMV / Freddy's Nightmares

  • Awesome Music: The intro.
  • Broken Base: Elm Street fans are still divided on whether the show was a cheap cash in on Freddy's popularity for the time, or if it was a genuinely good anthology series.
  • Ear Worm: Chew me, eat me, you can't beat me...
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Plenty of the episodes ended with odd aesops;
    • You flunked your SAT tests? No problem, you can always become a rockstar!
    • Your new stepfather is an asshole? Accidentally scare him to death and all will be well!
  • Jackthe Rip Off: By all accounts based on the information, this is NOT Freddy Krueger of the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" films but a whole separate Freddy Krueger character and universe altogether. The two have completely different backstories. The two were killed at completely different times (The TV series apparently has Freddy killed in the late 1980s, if "Sister's Keeper" is to be believed). Also, this is the one and only place where Freddy Krueger was actually said to be a child molester, whereas the one in the motion pictures never had say one way or the other. This Freddy also seems to be infinitely more powerful than the Freddy of the movies, wielding a god-like power over Springwood, pretty much causing ALL the bad things in the series to happen Forthe Evulz.
  • Narm: Cower in fear as you watch the show's opening, with its terrifying family photos and awkwardly screaming people!
  • Nightmare Fuel: The second episode, it turns out that the events of the episode are just a product of the main character's broken neurons misfiring as he's dying after taking a bullet to the brain.
    • Then there's the fourth episode, where the main character has a flashback of her as a kid having her grandma forcing her to get her hands "clean" with steaming hot water, all because she allegedly touched a boy.
  • Special Effect Failure: Show's budget wasn't actually high, you know.