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YMMV: Fraxy

YMMV in Fraxy:

  • Freud Was Right: Phallic Avenger!
    • Comet Drone Cluster, if you fought Koishi Komeiji.
    • Also the "cutscene" the player is treated to before fighting Birth, one of Eboshidori's creations.
      • Recently, a Fraxian called Omoresu created a boss with a weak spot and attack that both came from a....peculiar place. Naturally, people started to notice.
  • Game Breaker: Fun mode The "Quicker" ship type. Enough said.
    • Using splash damage to bypass the barriers on a Sequential Boss and attack the core directly.
  • Good Bad Bugs: One bug allows for the creation of a 100% invisible boss, with no hittable parts.
  • Nightmare Fuel: TekTo and Eboshidori had a battle to create such bosses, the results, Zapan D and Scylla, were very successful.
  • Surprise Difficulty: A typical new player pits himself against the premade bosses, gaining confidence. Then he goes to the Fraxy redux, downloads a few bosses and realises the error of his ways.
  • That One Attack: Every boss has some really painful attacks. Those notable for such attacks include:
    • Eboshidori's SBS 1300K, with the Archer Beam. If you can't hide in the nooks in its wings, you die.
      • What? The Archer beam is awesome.
    • Oneshiningstar's Star - Pincer Core. 3 easy attacks, followed by Vajra of Perfect Buddhism. Enjoy dying!
      • Though fortunately, if you're playing without limited movement, THAT attack becoems far easier.
  • "That One Boss" Makers: Several, including:
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: Several bosses are re-imaginings of deities from several religions (Eboshidori's guardian series is built around this, with every Buddhist Deity except for the Buddha himself showing up and the protagonist being the Buddhist devil ), one sticks the player on a crucifix, and one crucifies himself to achieve his final form.
    • Actually you get to face Buddha too.

YMMV in the Fan Fics:

  • Crowning Battle of Awesome: Arc. Legion. The finale to the ][nfector storyline, it is a fight against a being so powerful that Reactor 00, which had the strength to wipe the galaxy clean of an invading army, could only hold it in check, in Another Dimension, set to epic rock music.
    Arc Legion: "You still cannot give in to the inevitable? Then let the heavens fall!"
  • Designated Hero: Mara. No matter who created him or why, no matter the intentions, Mara has the simple mission of killing Sakra-Devanam and her spawn for attempted (and possibly accomplished) genocide of humanity. If he needs to devastate an alien fleet for making the simple mistake of experementing with Sakra-devanam's oddly shaped ressurection leeches, so be it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Eboshidori's storyline: shortly after Mara's fight with the Phantom 30k, he destroys it while the pilot is calling for backup. SET TO CREEPY MUSIC. It's implied that the P30k and all related ships were created by Sakra-Devanam, and are not human, but still....

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