YMMV / Frankenstein Conquers the World

  • Ass Pull: Frankenstein's "death". Right after killing Baragon, a volcanic fissure comes out of nowhere and swallows up Frankenstein just as he kills off Baragon. Slightly justified since the film DID had a different ending...
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: The movie's premise of "a kid turns into a giant Frankenstein's Monster after eating the real thing's heart and then battles a dinosaur" is so preposterous to westerners that it often gets unfairly placed on lists of "Worst Films Ever" by them. However, those who have actually seen the movie tend to agree that once one gets past the weird premise, it is actually a very enjoyable movie.
  • Ugly Cute: From certain angles, Baragon looks like a big puppy, especially since he can put his ears back like some dogs.