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YMMV: Frankenstein (1931)
  • Adaptation Displacement: When Frankenstein's brought up in pop culture, it's usually this version.
  • Badass Decay: The creature goes from being intelligent enough to learn how to read and speak on his own, as well as framing someone for murder in the book, to almost completely mindless brute.
  • I Am Not Shazam: The name of the hunchbacked assistant is not Igor, it's Fritz. Ygor is an unrelated character from the third and fourth movies, who had a broken neck and didn't really assist the Doctor (he's the main antagonist in fact).
  • Memetic Mutation: IT'S ALIIIIVE!
  • Narm: When the Monster confronts Henry's fiancee. While the scene is still fairly chilling and unnerving even by todays standards, right as she discovers the Monster behind her and screams for her life, the Monster lets out a snarl that... well, let's just say it gives the scene a healthy dose of unintended hilarity.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The frightening scene in this movie is the one where the Monster has been playing with little Maria, looks down at the flowers, then at her, and with a childlike smile on his face grabs her and...
    • There's also the scene where Frankenstein and his mentor discover what the Monster did when it finally got its hands on that jerkass Fritz.
  • Signature Line: "It's alive!"
  • Signature Scene: The monster comes to life.

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