YMMV / Fox News Channel

  • Critic-Proof: Despite the criticisms labelled against it, Fox News has the highest ratings of any cable news network and receives higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC COMBINED, possibly due to having an advantage of being the only mainstream right-wing media for the USA.
    • Pew Media Research found that among identified Conservatives, Fox is the first source of news for 40% of them. For liberals, it's only 3%. That said, among Americans when party is not accounted for (conservative, liberal, and No Party Given) it tops the charts at 19% of viewership, more than twice of CNN's 8%. Common reasons for this include the above mentioned monopoly on right-wing media, watching multiple news sources for coverage, and Just Here for Godzilla factor of wanting to see them say something silly.
    • However, this seems to have very well led to the network's sudden upset in 2017. Due to Donald Trump's near-weekly blunders and scandals, the network found itself between a rock and a hard place: acknowledge the scandals and lose its right-wing bent, or completely ignore them, which would alienate moderates and attract endless liberal bile. It chose the latter. This ended up causing the network to make multiple distractions whenever an incriminating Trump story rose; for instance, during a major report on the Trump-Russia investigation, the network instead chose to focus on the "Seth Rich scandal" note . This obstruction ended up causing the network's ratings to fall below that of CNN and MSNBC.