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YMMV: Fox News Channel
  • Critical Research Failure: According to Fox News, Oslo is in Germany, and Egypt is in between Syria and Iran.
    • Also, during the 2012 Olympics, Fox's website did a news blurb on Hamid Soryan, an Iranian wrestler who won a gold medal. The title of the blurb was "It's in the Baghdad!"...which is the capital of Iraq...(link here)
    • Jon Stewart did a bid making fun of the massive amounts of misinformation they've spread. To be fair, though, fact-checking site Politi Fact rated his statement about their misinformation as a lie, which he accepted as his error.
    • There was also the incident where Megyn Kelly claimed that both Santa and Jesus would have been white. In short, Jesus was originally from Bethlehem—an Israeli city. Santa Clause was based off of Saint Nicholas, who was a Christian priest in Byzantine Anatolia, AKA modern day Turkey.
  • Don't Shoot the Message: Many news networks have a liberal slant, and many conservatives wish they had a network that didn't take it too far in the other direction and denounce The Muppets, Mister Rogers, and The Secret World Of Arrietty as liberal propaganda.
  • Funny Moments: Al Qaeda's media guy once wanted to send a media package to every American news outlet EXCEPT for Fox News, saying that the channel "lacks objectivity." It's funny whether you like or hate the channel, and FNC themselves took it in stride, running it on their website with the headline Fox News, Al Qaeda's Least Favorite TV News Network.
  • Internet Backdraft: Discussion of Fox News on the Internet, especially the topic of whether it's biased or not, is a very, very bad idea.
    • Except on expressly partisan forums (Free Republic, Democratic Underground).
    • Hell, discussing Fox News anywhere.
    • One that's guaranteed to start backdraft - Fox & Friends cite a University study regarding Mister Rogers and, essentially, say he ruined the children watching by giving them a sense of entitlement. All you need do is read the comments on the video for just how much hatred viewers had for the hosts by the end of it.
    • And then, there was one time they called the damned Muppets of all things "Communists" because the main villain was a "successful businessman"(never mind the fact that he's a fairly blatant caricature that's not meant to be taken seriously).
      • And, as seen here, Kermit and Miss Piggy actually fired back, pointing out that they drive a gas-guzzling Rolls-Royce and that Kermit himself is essentially a CEO, so calling them anti-business is like calling Fox News "News".
    • They do not like Bronies, as mentioned on Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld. This goes above and beyond the simple "huh, that's odd" reaction. Then again, Red Eye takes the piss out of everyone and everything, even FOX News.
      • Frequent Red Eye guest Andrew W.K. is a brony. Should be interesting to see how it turns out if it gets brought up...
      • Also, Greg Gutfield himself makes origami ponies for sick children. While not MLP-related, it does give credence to being nothing but playful ribbing.
    • Lou Dobbs (Who isn't well liked even within the channel's audience) ragging on The Secret World Of Arrietty and the film The Lorax because they're Hollywood propaganda teaching children the horrible dangers of borrowing and environmentalism. Yes, adaptations of beloved children's books (one of which wasn't even made within the Hollywood system) are corrupting children with such horrible morals.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: A fair number of liberals admit to watching Fox News because they have an interest in what the other side is saying or to laugh at the more conservative pundits—In many countries, it's marketed as an entertainment channel.
    • Taken Up to Eleven immediately after the presidential election was called for 2012, as liberals flipped channels en masse to savor Karl Rove's meltdown.
  • Malicious Slander: At least according to some people like Jon Stewart. He also notes that MSNBC isn't any less biased, but is more incompetent than Fox at spinning their "political narrative." Of course, that's true of any news network and show, Stewart's included.
  • Mis-blamed: Any time a FOX affiliate's local news team runs a stupid story that gets attention on the Internet, at least half the commentators will mistake it for a story on Fox News, in part because most FOX affiliates that run news (unlike most network affiliates) prominently display "FOX [channel number] NEWS" on the screen during these broadcasts (it doesn't help that both the network makes it compulsory that a station brand with "FOX [channel number]" in most cases, and that the logo is intentionally modeled on FNC's).
    • ...seemingly regardless of whether they're a News Corp O&O station or a semi-independent affiliate. In many cases another station in the market produces the newscast so a station doesn't have to put anything into a costly news department.
    • Particularly notable is the Chicago O&O WFLD which brands its station as "FOX Chicago" and its news "FOX Chicago News" (because their channel number is so high they feel embarrassed to mention they're Channel 32) note . Its graphics used to brand it as "FOX News Chicago".
    • In true Fox News fashion, a reporter for a local Fox station went into a Brony convention specifically to demonize them as creepy manchildren, saying they're about as depressing as an episode of The Wire.
  • Moment Of Awesome: Even liberals have enjoyed Andy Levy's tongue-in-cheek apology to Chris Brown.
    • Say what you will, but watching Megyn Kelly putting Karl Rove to task over his adamant refusal of the 2012 election being called by asking him "Is this math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better or is this real?" was quite satisfying. Kelly earned herself a considerable number of at least temporary liberal-leaning fans for that bit of reality-checking.
    • Another one for Megyn Kelly: Fox ran a segment with an all-male panel about how having a woman as the breadwinner of the house is against nature and destructive to society. Megyn Kelly disagreed. The way she greets them at the beginning of the segment should send chills down your spine.
    • Megyn Kelly also gloriously blasted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her lie about the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling (Pelosi remarked that the ruling made contraceptions illegal, which it didn't), to the point where her office had to issue an apology and retraction.
    • When Kelly was given her show at a 9PM timeslot, she's was The Rival to Piers Morgan, who told her to "bring it on." A few months later, Morgan's show was cancelled due to lack of viewership, while Kelly's flourished.
    • Shepard Smith has had many of them.
      • Shep is typically a Deadpan Snarker, leading to many Moments of Awesome. But one of his best moments came during a webcast during a Studio B commercial break where he was part of a roundtable discussing the CIA's waterboarding of terrorists. As the other pundits tried to rationalize the policy, Shep (who disagreed with the policy) got angry and started shouting, "I dont give a rat's ass if it helps! THIS IS AMERICA! WE DO NOT FUCKING TORTURE!"
      • He was also one of the first to jump on the bandwagon started up by The Daily Show in regards to the absence of coverage regarding the Republican filibuster of The Zadroga Bill in late 2010. He even went so far as to criticize the Bush-era tax cuts while lambasting congressional Republicans for filibustering something they should, by all rights, have been supporting.
  • So Bad, It's Good: To some more liberal viewers.

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