YMMV / Fox News Channel

  • Critic-Proof: Despite the criticisms labelled against it, Fox News has the highest ratings of any cable news network and receives higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC COMBINED, possibly due to having an advantage of being the only mainstream right-wing media for the USA.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace are the only working reporters that even got a smidgen of respect from the general public for being the Only Sane Man serving on the show network. The fact that Smith has a longstanding reputation for never tolerating political spin and that Kelly came forward against Roger Ailes' sexual harassment scandal (despite being incredibly risky for her career) doesn't hurt. Chris Wallace got some praise for fairly moderating the final 2016 presidential debate
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: For the incredibly repulsive thing he did and is now being uncovered, Roger Ailes will now be forever remembered by the public as the guy who harassed many Fox News female anchors and reporters.