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YMMV: Forza Motorsport
  • Awesome Music: Pretty much the entire point of Horizon, other than the cars. The game has 3 music stations: "Horizon Bass Arena", which plays electro, house, techno, trance and dubstep; "Horizon Pulse", which plays pop and indie music; and "Horizon Rocks", which plays rock and metal. Each station has its awesome tunes: "Bass Arena" has Skrillex's remixes of "Cinema" by Benny Benassi and "Levels" by Avicii, "Illmerica" by Wolfgang Gartner, "Lick The Rainbow" by Mord Fustang, "The Power" by DJ Fresh and Dizzee Rascal, "Everyday (Netsky Remix)" by Rusko, "Blue Monday" by New Order and (best of the best) "Me And You" by Nero; "Pulse" has "Awake" by Electric Guest, "1901" by Phoenix, "Over and Over" by Hot Chip and, best song of Pulse, "Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)" by Two Door Cinema Club; "Rocks" has "Lonely Boy" by The Black Keys, "Give It Up" by LCD Soundsystem and two songs by Lostprophets: "Bring 'Em Down" and "We Bring An Arsenal".
    • What's more, Turn 10 and Playground Games even nailed it on the trailers, with songs by artists such as Zeds Dead, The Anomalies and Netsky. For this last artist, the songs that appear are: "We Can Only Live Today (Puppy)" and "Come Alive". This last song, for your information, is downright FITTING for the entire Forza series.
    • Hell, pretty much almost all of Horizon Bass Arena and of Horizon Pulse and more than half of Horizon Rocks. Conclusion: Playground Games and Turn 10 really nailed the soundtrack section in Horizon. And if you want to know the whole OST, go here and get blown away by awesomeness.
      • The soundtrack was all mixed and chosen by BBC Radio One DJ Rob Da Bank. If you want to thank the guy who mixed the game's OST, now you know him.
    • Forza 3 has "Trash" by The Whip, "Showdown" by Pendulum and "Lost Weekend" by The Qemists featuring the one and only Mike Patton. And probably the best of the lot, "Tick Tick Boom" by The Hives (cue YEAH! x3).
      • Oh, and please not forget "Suburban Knights" by Hard-Fi.
    • Forza 2 has "Spitfire" by The Prodigy vs Rage Aginst the Machine, "Put Your Hands Up" by Benny Benassi, "Insomnia" by Faithless, "Body Language" by Booka Shade, "Cobrastyle" by Teddybears, "Gone Daddy Gone" by Gnarls Barkley, "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" by LCD Soundsystem, "Positive Tension" by Bloc Party, and not one, but TWO songs by Goldfrapp.
      • Hell, even the trailer song, "Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix)" by N.E.R.D., is awesome.
    • Forza 4 has a soundtrack heaven for Hospital Records and Marine Parade fans. With artists signed to Hospital such as Camo & Krooked, Danny Byrd, Netsky and Nu:Tone, and Marine Parade artists such as Evil Nine and Alex Metric, you know where this is going. And just listen to the game's theme song, "It Starts" by Alex Metric. WHOA.
    • According to Dan Greenawalt, Forza 5 won't feature a licensed soundtrack. Instead, it will feature an operatic, epic movie-like soundtrack which adapts itself to every situation. It is glorious.
    • Horizon 2's soundtrack features almost 150 licensed songs of pure awesomeness ranging from indie music, electronica, house, rock, punk, hip hop, and even classical. Look here and be left in shock and awe.
  • Breather Level: Bowling and Car Passing events in Forza 4.
    • The 1000 Club in Horizon, a free DLC that gives you two cars (a Ford F-100 and a RUF CTR 2) and over 1000 minigame-style challenges across every car in the game, some of which are simply to perform basic skills or destroy stuff on the side of the road!
  • Broken Base: Horizon caused this, splitting the fanbase into two: a part supporting the spin-off and liking the open-world mechanic, the other attacking the game because it's not the Forza they have been used to.
    • Also, Forza 5 having less cars and tracks than 4. Was it a legit quality-over-quantity move or was it a way to milk more money through downloadable content? As time passed, however, many more fans think of the former than the latter.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Forza 3 often had multiplayer games composed entirely of Audi A5s and A4s. Other "Leaderboard" cars (cars that have the top times for each track) dominated the multiplayer, but none quite as hard as the Audis. Thankfully, the behavior has died down quite a lot in Forza 4, as there are only a few game-breakingly good cars (and players usually get votekicked out of the lobby once they pull out the car).
  • Contested Sequel: Forza 5, believe it or not. Despite being just as critically acclaimed as the other games in the series (and that means acclaimed like there's no tomorrow), it met mixed reception from the fanbase.
  • Even Better Sequel: Horizon 2 is shaping up to be this to the first Horizon.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Gran Turismo, obviously, although it's pretty evident that Polyphony and Turn 10 have chosen the Friendly Rivalry route for this.
    • There is also a raging in-base rivalry between Motorsport fans and Horizon fans.
    • In 2012, between the fans of Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 and of Forza Horizon. These two games are completely different, but they have exited around the same time (during Halloween and All Saints Day), share a lot of the same cars (even in later DLC for both games), are open world racers and, the straw that broke the camel's back, they both have a song in common: "The Power" by DJ Fresh and Dizzee Rascal.
  • Fridge Logic: In Horizon there are non-street legal cars such as the Ferrari 599XX and the Maserati MC12 Versione Corse. In real life, you could be arrested for driving these cars on open roads, but not in Horizon.
    • The fact there is no police presence is even more questionable: the radio DJs allude to street racers being picked up by the cops, yet nothing like that is ever seen.
    • Cars don't have license plates in Horizon either. Word of God says that as the car manufacturers are supplying the cars to the Horizon Festival (which is true, as radio chatter confirms this), this means the player is effectively buying them for pure competition/race use, meaning they're not meant to be on the road and thus, don't need plates. Still odd though: then why you're perfectly able to drive through the open roads?
  • Game Breaker:
    • Vehicles with AWD as its stock drivetrain often delve into this, as they're quite light and incredibly grippy. The strongest examples are easily the Lamborghini vehicles, which usually have some of the best cars in the game.
    • The Honda CRX in the first game falls into this due to improperly set drag values.
    • In a sense, modification, as in Forza 3 and previous games, the AI never has upgraded cars.
    • Things can get deliciously broken when you take a car that technically qualifies for a given race but which no human judge would allow entry. An example, the French Elite Invitational in Forza 3. Usually this is the stomping ground of Peugeot and Renault hatchbacks, but things get interesting if you're bastard enough to bring a Bugatti, or even more, a Peugeot 908 LM!
      • Even better, at driver level 20 the game gives you a Veyron for free.
    • Due to how Forza 3 calculates a car's Performance Index (in other words, how "fast" a car is going around a track), All-wheel-drive drivetrains cause your performance index to actually go down, since it adds about a hundred pounds to the car. However, this allows players to then install huge engines, or cut weight from the rest of the car. What effectively happens is online play gets dominated by AWD Audi A5s, Dodge Vipers with AWD drivetrains, and AWD Volkswagens
      • As of Forza 4, these problems have been fixed; AI can be allowed to upgrade their cars, events now have an upper PI limit, and AWD cars/conversions have more PI rather than less.
      • However, upgraded muscle cars are tremendously fast for their class. As a result, a few muscle cars have been banned from setting leaderboard times while the problem is addressed.
    • In all the Forza games it has appeared in, the Aston Martin DBR9 is by far the best GT-modified race car available.
    • In Forza 4, Rivals mode is very easily abused. By continually going only a fraction faster than your previous effort you will collect many more bounties than if you set your fastest time straight away. History repeats itself with Forza 5.
    • In Forza 4, preforming rear-wheel-drive swaps on cars (like making a Honda Civic, normally FWD, into a RWD Car) causes a massive performance index number drop in cars without any real drop in performance - allowing you to slap on weight removals, turbochargers, and bigger tires without much of a PI increase from the stock car.
    • Horizon gives us the Pagani Zonda R. Fast, easy to handle, and even gorgeous.
      • Tch. Meet the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento!
      • Another example of Game Breaker in Horizon, other than the Pagani and the Lamborghini, is street races. They can net you at the very least the same amount of money if you place first in the final few Festival races (the ones where's also Darius Flynt), and from that point on, the last few of the street races give you 50-60 thousand credits. And it only gets better if you (ab)use the Hard Mode Perks.
    • Forza 5 gives the Lotus E21 Formula One car. At first it was the most expensive car in the game, and for good reason: 1) it's quick and astoundingly fast; 2) it starts very quickly off the line even without driving aids; 3) its handling is wonderfully touchy, you can pretty much handle many corners throughout the game almost flat-out. Even better, it is now available as a gift from Turn 10 after the economy update. Yes, this car is pretty much a huge load of badass-ness.
      • Another game-breaking car in 5 is the Mazda 787B, one of the game's LM Prototypes. Available only for those who buy the VIP membership - which costs just a couple bucks - this car set world records on pretty much every track in the game in its class. It surely isn't brilliant if stock, but with the proper tune-up, this car pretty much blows every other car in its class behind biting the dust.
      • Niki Lauda's Ferrari 312 T2 is hegemonic in the R-class lap time rankings as it is one of the quickest-accelerating and one of the nimblest cars in the game.
  • Heartwarming Moments: This commercial, from the Dead Island-grade sad piano, to the man's attempt for automotive thrills till he's stopped by police, and the icing, an oddly thoughtful narration by Jeremy Clarkson.
  • The Junkie XL Version: A lot of the songs in the first game were done this way. The songs are all remixed versions of actual rock and metal songs of The Seventies, such as "La Grange" by ZZ Top.
  • Memetic Badass: M. Rossi in 2 and 3, though "Memetic Bastard" might be a better way to put it. Who knew an otherwise imperceptible character could be such a universally-reviled Jerk Ass?
    • Apparently, according to Dan Greenawalt (The Creative Director of Turn 10), M. Rossi even scared the developers.
    Dan Greenawalt: One driver, M. Rossi (no relation to the great V. Rossi) is one of our fastest and most aggressive drivers. Late in development, he started learning things that we hadn't taught him. He started check braking (A very advanced racing technique, also sorta dirty). Anyway, this was a bit of a scary moment. He was learning faster than we were teaching.
  • Tear Jerker: The Endangered Species trailer.
  • That One Level:
    • Silverstone. It seems to be the dev's pet level, because it comes up constantly in the single player events. One of the most boring tracks to look at, boring to drive on, and it's full of 90 degree corners, making it an absolute nightmare to drive on online.
    • Forza 4 has two Track Day events that earn the scorn of most players, thanks to the excellently driven AI cars:
      • The Fujimi Kaido event puts you on the arguably the trickiest circuit in the game in an A-class car making your way round superminis and city cars. The combination of steep narrow roads and sharp, blind turns only make the AI even slower than usual, and if they swerve across the road there is no space for you to avoid them. And on the one stretch of relatively straight road, an AI car has usually come to a complete halt.
      • The Nurburgring event isn't much better. You are in an S-class supercar on the "Green Hell" passing small hatchbacks and a couple of SUVs. The width of the SUVs means they will back up many cars behind them that cannot get past. And yes, they are by far the slowest traffic cars on the circuit.
    • New York City in Forza 2 and Forza 3. It's basically 2 straightaways on Time Square, three 90 degree turns, and a roundabound, making it tiring to race on. It's even worse in 3's "New Circuit" version, which adds a chicane on each straightaway - the chicanes will take out at least one person per lap, the chicanes are so narrow that if one car wrecks, all the cars wreck. And finally, the chicanes are placed at the perfect distance to make passing almost impossible unless your car is far, far faster than the person you're passing.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: 3 has lots of the High Tier varients of this trope in the "Leaderboard cars", so called because they always get the best times on the leaderboards. Some examples include the Dodge Viper and most things made by Audi (but especially the A5)
  • The Scrappy: M. Rossi in 3 and 4, and Hailey Harper in Horizon.
  • Uncanny Valley: Whilst it's nowhere near as bad as some other racing games, a few of the car models (which have been re-used since the first Forza, mind) do look a bit inaccurate compared to the real car and indeed other cars in the game. A good example is the 90's Acura NSX; the front end is out of proportion, and the back end is far too angular.

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