YMMV / 40 Winks

  • Awesome Music: For an unpopular game by a normal company, the game has some really stunning soundtracks.

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The only purpose of the cutscenes with Nitekap and Threadbear after defeating a boss are for comedy, and they are pretty funny.
    • The first one, where Nitekap tries to pep Threadbear that he's a killing machine. After succeeding, he asks which fabric he wants to be patched up with, polka dot or flower pattern. He can't choose.
    • The second one, where Nitekap accidently steps on Threadbear's eye and breaks it. As well as the latter previously running around with said eye while following Nitekap's voice.
    • The third one has Nitekap kicking Threadbear out after the latter failed to beat the kids.
    • The fourth one, where Nitekap operates on Threadbear, and ends with hitting him with a giant mallet!
    • The fifth where Nitekap tries to give a new robot leg to Threadbear.
    • The last but not least, Nitekap fixing with a new arm for Threadbear, only to have it trying to strangle him, and Threadbear ignoring it while looking for other things to use on the table.
  • Cult Classic: It was sold poorly during it's decade (and many gamers are still unaware of it), but those who do own the game have very positive opinions about it. So even if it isn't big, the game does have a loyal following.
  • Flat Characters: Interestingly, Ruff & Tumble. While they show some slight bits of personality in the intro, for the most part they express very little of it for the rest of the game.
  • Goddamned Boss: The final boss (Threadbear in a bear robot) is not hard at all, it's just that he has way too many lives. So you repeat the same, boring procedure 16 times until he's finally beaten. Boring, but Practical, indeed.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Most of the levels in the pirate world have you spend a significant portion of your time there in the Ninja costume. Amusing in 1999; especially so nowadays.