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YMMV: 40 Winks
  • Awesome Music: For an unpopular game by a normal company, the game has some really stunning soundtracks.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The only purpose of the cutscenes with Nitekap and Threadbear after defeating a boss are for comedy, and they are pretty funny.
    • The first one, where Nitekap tries to pep Threadbear that he's a killing machine. After succeeding, he asks which fabric he wants to be patched up with, polka dot or flower pattern. He can't choose.
    • The second one, where Nitekap accidently steps on Threadbear's eye and breaks it. As well as the latter previously running around with said eye while following Nitekap's voice.
    • The third one has Nitekap kicking Threadbear out after the latter failed to beat the kids.
    • The fourth one, where Nitekap operates on Threadbear, and ends with hitting him with a giant mallet!
    • The fifth where Nitekap tries to give a new robot leg to Threadbear.
    • The last but not least, Nitekap fixing with a new arm for Threadbear, only to have it trying to strangle him, and Threadbear ignoring it while looking for other things to use on the table.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Most of the levels in the pirate world have you spend a significant portion of your time there in the Ninja costume. Amusing in 1999; especially so nowadays.

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