YMMV / Forged In Fire

  • Funny Moments: Some of the judges' reactions when they notice a bladesmith doing something particularly strange or risky.
    • During the Scottish Claymore episode, one contestant's blade failed to pierce the pig carcass used for the kill test, instead bending around it. The contestant was able to get it straightened out, and it was able to cut a steel sheet pretty well, resulting in the contestant commenting that maybe they should have made the pig out of steel.
    • During the Fan Favorites episode, Will asks Dave what he would like the final weapon to be. His response? "Lightsaber." Everyone present cracks up.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Frequently the contestants will help each other when issues pop up and congratulate each other when their blade does well in a test. Particularly evident in one finale when one finalist's handle cracks and the other finalist looks equally dismayed and asks if there isn't anything they can do to fix it.
  • Idiot Ball: Aside from the common forging mistakes in the first two challenges, some contestants have made downright stupid decisions like trying to forge two blades at once (despite the very tight time limit), and grinding the scrap metal into the shape of a blade, instead of forging it.
    • A repeated one is someone thinking they've got a fully completed blade/knife and then essentially spending the last half hour or so twiddling their thumbs. Inevitably the judges find some flaw that should have been addressed and it often results in that bladesmith being eliminated.
    • On occasion, smiths have completely forgotten to include a specified feature or forged a blade that falls well outside the length requirements, both of which are practically guaranteed to send them home.