YMMV / Forbidden Broadway

  • Shallow Parody: New York Magazine's review of Comes Out Swinging noted that the show occasionally slips into this, such as getting Santino Fontana's race wrong in the Cinderella parody by claiming he's Latino. The critic noted that it's not a good idea to go shallow when the only people likely to go see a parody of stage musicals are ones who love stage musicals to begin with and are thus more likely to notice when you goof up. The 2014 London edition calling Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a "pale Matilda imitation" isn't much better (Charlie was well into development when Matilda premiered).
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Alessandrini has occasionally written ersatz versions of songs he couldn't get permission to parody.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: The phenomenon of people thinking Avenue Q is for kids is spoofed in the "Special Victims Unit" edition's song "You Gotta Get A Puppet".
    "And although we're a low, Hasty Pudding show, the kiddies cheer on cue... Families come, if they're dumb, but then out they go, when our fuzzy people screw! Don't expect The Muppets, these are horny puppets, rated X on Avenue Q!"