YMMV / Follies

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Phylis, especially after the UK rewrites replaced her "Loveland" number. The original states that Phylis is internally torn between a longing to be free and sexually desirable but poor and unloved (Juicy Lucy) or being rich and pampered and financially secured but emotionally dead due to being trapped in a loveless marriage (Dressy Jesse). The UK version of the play provides a completely different take on Phylis, one that is based upon the idea that Phylis has spent her entire life trying to be whatever it is her man wants her to be ("Ah But Underneath") and that her angst comes from knowing that, having spent her entire life being what everyone else wants her to be, that Phylis fears that she is a fraud and no one knew the real her, if there ever was a real Phylis beyond the facade she put on for those around her.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Carlotta Champion and "I'm Still Here".