• Awesome Music: The long flying theme (not the short one)
    • Saint Morning music also is pretty nice.
  • Broken Base: The devs, PvP, PvM, the players, the GMs... anywhere anything could possibly be complained about, it will be. And the rest of the players will love it.
  • Ear Worm: The overworld generic theme.
  • Game-Breaker: The Psykeepers have a skill called Satanology, which stops any enemy in their tracks for several seconds, with bonus time for the Intelligence stat. The skill has a cooldown of 30 sec. However, if your Intelligence allows you to extend the effect time beyond 30 seconds, that and a supply of MP potions will totally destroy anything!
    • Even then, the skill only has an approximately 80+% chance of succeeding. If you failed to stun, goodbye!
      • Not true anymore, Satanology has no cooldown, so you can just keep spamming it to keep the monster in place once it starts running out.
    • Bow Jesters. A more than obscene critical rate and perfect accuracy mean that even bosses and Giants have trouble reaching them as each Critical Hit knocks the target back a good distance. Flame Wars ensue each time anyone questions their presence, though, so forum members don't bring it up very often.
      • This is no longer true. Bow jesters don't get knockbacks anymore as of version 9, if I remember right. Of course, this troper played a ranger and believes that bow jesters are complete and utter blasphemy, so he has no right to talk according to people who play bow jesters. Of course, they still kill enemies so quickly that they could hand them their head on a platter and the monster would accept it because they forgot to die.
      • And bow jesters are now used mainly as a leveling build for yoyo jesters, as they're easier to level but do much less damage due to their endgame gear being mid-level instead of high-level.
  • Memetic Mutation: BJ is not a class.
    • On the forum, telling Deuce to do his homework was a meme for a short period. It seems to have died off already.
  • Moment of Awesome: First time against Clockworks and arguably, Guild Wars.
  • That One Boss: Red Meteonyker is considered one.
    • Clockworks for the vast majority of players. It is (or was) the Beef Gate of endgame content.