YMMV / Fluppy Dogs

  • Cult Classic: Remains a beloved bit of late 80s/early 90s nostalgia for the handful of gen-xers who saw it on Disney Channel as kids, even long after the station stopped rerunning it.
  • Girls Show Ghetto: Supposedly where the "dimension-hopping" element of the story came from. Executives at Disney felt the story needed to something to appeal to young boys.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Both the characterization of and the relationship between Wagstaff and Hamish is reminiscent of Mr. Burns and Smithers. Also for added hilarity, Wagstaff even climbs onto a giant stuffed bear in his office out of fear in the climax, which is also what Burns did at the climax of "Homer the Smithers".
  • The Woobie:
    • Jamie, who is put in dangerous situations time after time just for receiving a new "dog" for his birthday and trying to do the right thing by him and his friends. Plus, he's probably no older than 12.
    • The Fluppy Dogs themselves for being thrust into an unfamiliar and unsafe world and due to their dog-like appearances, are treated by humans as such. Also, a local billionaire wants to add them to his collection of rare animals instead of allowing them to be free.
    • Of all the Fluppies, Ozzie is the biggest one. Aside from being the one in possession of the key to get them all back to their world (which in and of itself is a huge responsibility), he not only was captured by Wagstaff and had to be rescued, but upon about to head back home and saying their goodbyes to Jamie and Claire, he is standing alone and looking heartbroken before the former gives him a hug.