YMMV / Flower

  • Catharsis Factor - Dream 6 is this, with your ability to destroy the girders that plagued you in Dream 5. The two dreams even have similar endings, with the girders emerging from the surroundings trying to stop you, but where Dream 5 forced you to dodge around them or get shocked, in Dream 6 you just blow through them unimpeded.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Apparently, people have said that they were scared after getting shocked by electrified structures in Dream 5. Understandable, given that until this point the game seemed not to even contain any form of damage-taking.
    • Dream 5 in general, really. The storm makes everything grey and hard to see, the music is melancholy and just a little off-key (and the flowers you collect are very off-key), and your actions do nothing to actually make things better or brighter. You just blow through, with little consequence, and the Dream doesn't have an ending scene at all, it just fades out when you get near the finish. The dream's flower looks droopy and sad even when fully restored
    • You could even say it starts in Dream 4, when, with an abrupt Scare Chord, the last set of flowers you collect causes a short-circuit, blackening the wires, electric poles, and even the grass around them. As you head for the end of the stage from there, the wind kicks up, the rest of the lights flicker out, you fly through a valley filled with metallic wreckage, and the chapter ends, not with a World-Healing Wave like the first three Dreams, but with a shot of twisted electrified towers on the horizon and a coming storm, leading to the gloomy Dream 5.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome - Gather all the petals in a level, fly high up in the air and discover that you are now the petal equivalent of a Chinese Dragon. 15 minutes later, you'll still be chasing your own tail.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel - Since majority of the game is very relaxing.
    relax, enjoy
  • That One Trophy - Pure, which requires you to not only get through the entirety of level 5 without getting shocked even once, but collect a host of purple flowers inbetween some very tight spaces, where touching anything will get you sizzled. Turns the zen atmosphere into one of controller-pelting fury.