YMMV / Flags of Our Fathers

  • Adaptation Displacement: It was originally a book, you know.
  • Artistic License Economics: While numerous sources indicate that the WW2 bond drives were successful at meeting (and beating) their targets, Bud Gerber's speech paints a United States teetering on its last legs. Whether he was simply working off inaccurate information himself, or deliberately lying to the flag-raisers to put a burr under their saddles is not clear.
    Gerber: You know what they're calling this bond drive? The Mighty Seventh. They might've called it the "We're Flat Fucking Broke And Can't Even Afford Bullets So We're Begging For Your Pennies" bond drive, but it didn't have quite the ring. They could've called it that, though, because the last four bond drives came up so short we just printed money instead.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Your viewing experience really will be undermined had you watched Season 5 of The Wire before this film as you recognise the guy interviewing the veterans.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Strawberry sauce reminds Ira Hayes of the blood spilled in Iwo Jima. Hope we didn't spoil your appetite for dessert...
  • Retroactive Recognition: