YMMV / First Knight

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: After the question of his past, Lancelot suddenly experiences a flashback from his past, which asks many questions, but is no longer commented on in the future.
  • Broken Aesop: Although the film clearly stands on the side of Lancelot in his love of the married queen, it does not work, since Sean Connery was a much more popular actor, and most of the audience was more sympathetic to him.
  • Cliché Storm: Not much at the time of the release, but now this film plays for the drama too many cliche of adventure films.
  • Complete Monster: Prince Malagant is a former Knight of the Round Table who once served King Arthur of Camelot, but turned rebel out of jealousy for the king. He and his followers frequently raid and burn villages to the grounds. Later, he and his knights capture Arthur's fiancé Guinevere and use her as a hostage for Arthur to give up his throne. In the end of the film, Malagant invades Camelot with his men and forces Arthur to bow before him or else he will die and Camelot will be torched. Once Arthur defies him, Malagant sees him fatally injured and dies furiously ordering his men to burn Camelot to the ground. Malagant also employs full use of We Have Reserves when he sacrifices a wave of soldiers just so Guinevere’s guards are out of position when the second wave hits.
  • Narm: Now it can look very cute and naive, when the main characters of the film behave too democratically and liberally, which was fashionable to portray during the release of the film, but it was absolutely impossible in the Middle Ages.
  • Signature Scene: The scene where the mortally wounded Malagant falls on the throne is what many people remember most from this film. This was due to the fact that this moment is often used in culture to depict a pathos chorus in dramatic scenes, or cool finishing off the main villain.