YMMV / Fire Fall

  • Demonic Spiders: Chosen Assaults. They're not only extremely tough, but their assault rifles have 100% accuracy and fire in three-shot bursts every two or three seconds. The only way to actually deal with them without losing half your health is to very, very carefully pick at them from long-distance, or make sure they're distracted by the local fauna before opening fire.
    • The Chosen, full stop. Their Assaults are nasty as it is, but Chosen Juggernauts running around with the same Plasma Cannon the player gets in their own Assault kit are even more of a hassle due to being a beefy enemy with a gun that can paste you in two good hits.
    • Chosen Annihilators in 1.6 are every Bastion's bane, tossing out extremely high damage explosive bombs that have a delay before exploding. Unfortunately, turrets can't dodge, and the bombs shred any position a Bastion tries to fortify in short order.
  • Shout-Out: The main town name, Copacabana, may either reference the movie starring Barry Manilow, the song of the same name...or the Real Life Brazilian beach (as the game takes place in a future Brazil.)
    • Possible one to StarCraft, "Firecat" sounds a lot like "Firebat". More believable when you consider that Red 5 previously comprised many former members of Blizzard Entertainment.