YMMV / Fire Shark

  • Anticlimax Boss: Many of the bosses can become this if you have a level 4 laser or flamethrower weapon. They WILL die VERY quickly.
  • Demonic Spiders: Tanks, when the Dynamic Difficulty gets turned up. They can be likened to the tanks in the Raiden series, aka "Sniper Tanks"- what with the Improbable Aiming Skills, extremely fast bullets, and firing almost immediately as soon as they appear. For the water equivalent, we have gunboats.
    • In the arcade version, almost all the regular Mooks become like this.
  • Game-Breaker: The Flamethrower weapon. At max level, it shoots out 6 streams of fire that almost sweeps through the whole screen except for directly behind the player character. Not to mention it does massive damage too...