YMMV / Fire Bringer

    YMMV for the novel 
  • Complete Monster: Sgorr is a psychotic and sadistic deer who loves nothing but power and pointless killings. Once a member of the Herne's Herd, Sgorr one day became fascinated by violence after having observed the human world. Wanting to commit an evil act himself, he kidnapped a human infant, then brutally killing him and eating his heart. He admitted that he believed that by killing him he would be stronger then humans. After having been banished by the Herd, Sgorr teams up with Drail, the leader of a rival herd, becoming the chief of the Draila, an infamous military unit. When he finds out that Rannoch, the newborn son of his longtime rival Brechin, carries a prophecy who could lead to Drail's downfall, Sgorr sends the Draila to kill him. While Rannoch menages to escape, Brechin is killed while his mate Eloin is forced to become part of Sgorr's private harem. After having discovered that Drail is more interested in ruling, Sgorr, who prefers conquest and bloodshed, kills him by pushing him off a cliff, before ordering all of Drail's sons to be killed as well. Under his commands, the herd starts conquering other herds by force and killing anyone who tries to oppose. His last act of evil is trying to kill the now grown up Rannoch by crushing him with a boulder.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: After Sgorr is defeated, Rannoch orders all the deer to stop using reason like humans and to split back into separate herds, so not only are they going to keep fighting amongst themselves, they will have no defense against the humans. Then again, since it's set in the past, and humans know nothing of all the fantasical elements, this is likely justified
  • Magnificent Bastard: Sgorr's ambition would impress even General Woundwort. Especially since he's a hummel, or a stag with no antlers who ends up leading an army of three thousand deer.
  • Tear Jerker: Holy crap.
    • Peppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Wangst: Yeah, Rannoch gets this. The "I'm not a changeling!" arguement just stops working after a while, almost veering into Suspiciously Specific Denial territory.

    YMMV for the StarKid musical 
  • Anvilicious: Criticism of religious faith has shown up in StarKid works before, but it manifests here in the entire character arc of Ducker, a dim and selfish shaman who attaches himself to any delusion he can to enhance his own privilege culminating in Alien Among Us Chorn flatly telling the tribe that there's no such thing as "God". Whether it's a well-executed skewering of organized religion or a hamfisted over-simplification of spirituality is up to the viewer.
  • * Genius Bonus: The sexual attraction between humans and neanderthals. Genetic evidence has found this to be historically accurate.
  • Memetic Mutation: "I don't really wanna do the work today, I don't really wanna do the work today, I don't really wanna deeewww the work today..."
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Zazzalil's line, "I bet if we burn enough things, we can change the climate permanently." The trailer makes it out to be a mission statement, but in the actual show it's more of a throwaway line. Similarly, when Keeri expresses a concern that bees are dying out, Zazz retorts, "Fuck bees!", alluding to the current, very serious ecological concern that Earth is, in fact, running low on bees.
  • The Woobie: It's Starkid. They're pretty freaking good at making every character a Woobie.
    • The most obvious is Grunt, with his gem of a line about how in a clan of coyotes preventing the weakest among them from eating a rabbit... he's the rabbit.
    • Zazzalil. At one point, Molag manipulates the audience into feeling extra sympathy for her by pointing out that she's played by fan favorite Lauren Lopez. "Why she gotta be so mean to Lauren?"
    • The entire tribe upon discovering that all of their religious beliefs were invented by Molag to keep them in line. This especially applies to Ducker and Tiblyn, whose entire jobs were based on those lies.
    • Tiblyn again, for being obsessed with romance and not having a lot of options. Also for having been lied to her whole life about needing to hold up the sky.
    • Emberly for being a cutie-pie Meganekko, whose job is to find out what is and is not edible.
    • Keeri, for freely admitting that she's not too good at thinking for herself, but being conflicted over whether following Jemilla or Zazzalil is the right thing to do.
    • Jemilla herself, first for being less prepared than she thought for the burden of leadership, and again when she gets kicked out of the tribe.