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YMMV: Films Discussed By Moviebob
  • The Beast: Known mainly for its squicky Interspecies Romance, and a very sick movie to watch. Didn't review it, but he discussed it in his Intermission editorial "Test Your Might: Round 2", a discussion of "extreme" movies.
  • Domino: One of those movies that many people consider to be either one of Tony Scott's worst films or one of his best, with little in-between. Bob falls into the latter camp, calling it a "rough, nasty, punk rock fever dream of a movie," in particular noting the scene with Mo'Nique's mixed-race categories as a standout moment. Didn't review it, but he discussed it in his Intermission editorial "Remembering Tony Scott, Part 2", a retrospective of the late Tony Scott's career.
  • 300: While he reviewed the sequel in full, he poked fun that the original might be the most homosexual movie in living memory. And if you know how Spartan soldiers grew up, it's not hard to agree with him...

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