YMMV / Filmation

  • Animation Age Ghetto: Much like their rivals Hanna-Barbera, Filmation is widely seen as contributing to the "cartoons are for kids" stigma, which persisted throughout late 20th-century audiences due to their shoestring budgets as well as Lou Scheimer's own social conscience and feelings towards outsourcing. Subverted with both their animated take on the Star Trek franchise and their pitch pilot "Hardchrome: The Last P.I.", which would have been their first adult animated series had it been picked up.
    • Scheimer himself further subverted this trope with the TV movie pilot Robin and the Dreamweavers, which he produced a few years after Filmation's demise.
  • Acceptable Targets: Depending on whom you ask. To be fair, the animation industry as a whole wasn't doing so well at the time anyways.
  • Awesome Art: Despite Filmation's actual... "animation", their backgrounds are often considered one of the (very few) things for which people praise them.
  • Growing the Beard: A decade after Filmation's closing, Scheimer was approached by an investment firm to produce Robin and the Dreamweavers as a potential series. While Scheimer's social conscience is still evident in the overal moral note , the film features a notably more darker tone along with more exploitative content. Bonus points to the animation for being well above Scheimer's previous standards.
    • Robin can be considered a Spiritual Successor of sorts to Filmation considering Scheimer's involvement. Not to mention its cute animal side characters and the film's overall Aesop.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Given the extremely low production values of their cartoons along with Scheimer's moral guardian views on television, much of Filmation's library can come off as bland and forgettable to many people considering the technology and creator-driven freedom that many cartoons have today. This may also serve as a reason for the studio's library being hard to come by on home media.