YMMV / Fighter's History

  • Awesome Music: The title screen on the SNES version, or the character select screen in either version.
  • Character Tiers: Like all fighters, they exist, although this series is one of the harder ones in which players can come to a general consensus on who goes where. See here for analysis on the tiers in Dynamite.
  • Cult Classic: Fighter's History, much like Breakers, maintains a dedicated cult following to this day, a fate not shared by many of the SFII copycats. Being one of the better ones by a large margin as well as a decent series in its own right most likely helped.
  • Funny Moments: Jean's "NON!" in his ending, when he meets Ryoko at the Olympics.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Samchay is either this or an affectionate running joke among the Japanese fanbase. Let it be said that during The Great Grapple 2004 (a Fighter's History Dynamite tourney held in '04), there was an all-Samchay tournament held on the side. 48 players ended up entering it.
  • Good Bad Bugs: The "Karnov/Super 100 Warp" glitch, which involves using his Super 100 Kick special combined with his down-forward HK slide. The trick causes Karnov to slide across from one end of the screen to other and has been accepted as a regular part of his gameplay due to its usefulness in terms of cross-ups.
  • Mondegreen: "Baked potato!"Note 
    • "Jengo dart!"Note 
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: The main reason people even remember the first game.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Dynamite was a significant improvement over the original.