YMMV / 50/50

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Adam's girlfriend, Rachel - horrible manipulative Jerk Ass, or someone who feels genuinely sorry for hurting him, and really does WANT to help, but is just not very honest with herself about how well she can handle the situation.
    • Adding to this is the fact that Adam never told her that he loved her, despite the fact that they were close enough to live together. Selfish as it was, could her cheating on him be a cry for attention from a neglected partner?
    • Another part of the problem is that the relationship was apparently on the rocks even before his diagnosis. For all we know, one or the other or both of them may have been planning to end it before the revelation that he had cancer made her realize how horrible she would be to dump him in the midst of it. Her struggling may have been a desperate attempt to revive a dead relationship that ultimately failed.
  • Award Snub: Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance will make you cry, with no Oscar nomination to show for it.
    • The screenplay as well could've gotten in...but it DIDN'T!
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "Exhibit...WHORE!"
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: When Adam sees a book about cheering up cancer patients in Kyle's house, revealing that Kyle wanted him to score with women to get his mind off the cancer.
    • Adam's first word after getting out of surgery? "Mommy!"
  • Squick: Near the end of the film, Kyle is applying antiobiotic goo to Adam's surgery scar, an enormous crevasse in his flesh. Also, he's applying the goo with his bare finger
  • Tear Jerker: Several.
    • When Adam hears of Mitch's death, he goes into a deep depression, thinking he won't survive.
    • Adam's breakdown while driving Kyle's car the night before his surgery.
    • The entire scene from when Adam tells his Alzheimer's-ridden father he loves him to when Kyle is standing outside the hospital.
    • The volcano story that Adam had been working on was already broadcast on the news before he could finish it. When you combine that with the cancer and his girlfriend cheating on him, it's not hard to imagine that Adam feels the whole world is pushing him out of existence.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Seth Rogen's character Slut Shames Rachel out for cheating on Adam while he has cancer...except that he uses Adam's cancer to score sympathy points and sleep with random girls, but this only gets brought up once by Adam and Kyle is forgiven for it, Rachel's treated as irredeemable..
  • The Woobie: Adam, and probably Katie at times with the way he responds to her therapy. Also Adam's mom may count.