YMMV / Fevre Dream

  • Complete Monster: Damon Julian is an ancient and powerful vampire who enjoys preying on the young and beautiful. Most vampires are slaves to the Red Thirst and don't enjoy killing humans to satisfy themselves, but Julian is so old he no longer feels the hunger at all. All his murders are committed because he enjoys it. Julian delights in tormenting and toying with his victims and keeps his human servant loyal with promises to make him a vampire- a joke for Julian's amusement as vampires must be born instead of turned. Julian has said servant, who has been nothing but loyal and effective in keeping Julian alive and concealed, drink human blood and eat human flesh with false promises. When he learns another vampire named Joshua has created a serum to save vampires from the thirst, Julian steals control of the vampires from him and crushes a baby's skull in front of Joshua just to prove a point about how he can do anything he wants.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: "To the goddamn Fevre Dream!"
    • Abner shotgunning Sour Billy Tipton.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The point at which it is confirmed that Julian is pure evil: when he kills a baby just to prove a point.