YMMV / Feng Shen Ji

  • Awesome Ego:
    • Ah Ghou. It takes either gods or people that have beaten gods to wring any humility from him. Even when he's forced to admit a fight is tough, he'll compliment his opponent before delivering a Badass Boast and likely winning spectacularly.
    • Tian himself. Sure he doesn't think highly of humans, dark ones & don't even bothers with other gods while refering himself as source of everything, but when you can singlehandedly beat every major character in the entire series by yourself, it's hard to disagree with you.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Bai Lian manages to eclipse many of his fellow Jerkass Gods for evil. One of the Sage Kings of heaven, Bai Lian engages Wu Geng in combat and reminds Wu Geng of when he was enslaved in the mines. It is then revealed Bai Lian has murdered every slave who ever befriended or helped Wu Geng and presents their preserved heads to him. Bai Lian says he had no reason to kill them, he just felt like it. He is also forcing the mines' master, who loved the slaves, to assist him by holding the man's beloved son hostage. When Wu Geng convinces Master Li to help him, Bai Lian orders the child killed without a second thought. He also lures Wu Geng to where Wu Geng's grandfather Fu Yi is held hostage so Wu Geng will be forced to euthanize him. Bai Lian chose that spot solely so he could bask in Wu Geng's despair, knowing what the young hero would be forced to do and how it would affect him.
    • Shen Yen is responsible for the entire plot, spanning 100,000 years. Originally he was Pangu, the leader of ancient gods, an uncaring bigot who believes everything below ancient gods to be beneath him & waged a war with ancient dark ones in order to annihilate them. During the war, he saw the power of Hei Long and then tried to kill him as well as his wife, which backfired on him as Hei Long slaughtered the entire pantheon out of anger. Later he was revived as Shen Yen, who was given authority over punishing any god who breaks the rules (i.e. not considering humans or dark ones as something beneath their boots) and dark ones. He was the one behind the spreading of patrification sickness within dark ones and lured Nitian Erxing's brother into the domain of the gods by using his brother as a bait and then murdered him. He was also the one who issued the punishment to Shi Xing. Later on he uses the war against dark ones as a mean to dispose Tian/Hei Long and regain his powers from 100,000 years ago turning back into Pangu. After that, he once again invaded the dark one's new city in order to annihilate them, all the while planning to eliminate all current gods for being created from ancient humans.