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YMMV: Feminist Frequency
  • Complaining about Complaining / Complaining about People Not Liking the Show: It's hard to deny that at least some of the backlash against Sarkeesian has been this, though there have been more legitimate criticisms of Feminist Frequency as well (see below).
  • Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch:
    • From Sarkeesian:
      • Remixing video game stock footage for a blog that praises the game Portal for being about "non violent conflict resolution" and criticizes "you hardly see" Chell.
      • Complaining about The Powerpuff Girls' use of the Straw Feminist trope and forgetting the character was revealed to not be a feminist at all (on top of the irony of her caring about appearance). And applying real life problems to things in episode that don't even apply to those problems.
      • Lumping Y: The Last Man and the Daughters of Amazon therein as example of "crazy man hating Straw Feminists without any realistic feminists showing up" when not only do calmer more grounded feminists appear but Brian K. Vaughan explicitly created the characters as examples of one type of feminist school of thought and other characters as opposing ones.
      • Dismissing Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs because she's overshadowed in the cultural memory of the film by a male character (Hannibal) even though Clarice fits her previously established criteria; she has the most screen time in the film, the story arc revolves around her, we see her make decisions and she is the character that the viewer identifies with in a role that earned Jodie Foster her second Oscar along with Anthony Hopkins for his Hannibal Lecter role. It's virtually impossible to describe the plot in a way that makes Hannibal seem anything like the lead character, but Sarkeesian says the exact opposite of this.
      • She lists Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, even though she is a character who was an outright subversion of this trope who actually says to her romantic foil: "I'm not a concept. Too many guys think I'm a concept or I complete them or I'm going to make them alive, but I'm just a fucked up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours."
      • Under research failure specifically, this post from another feminist blog argues that understanding the history of certain phrases in the song reveals that "Baby It's Cold Outside" is not actually about date rape. To be fair to Sarkeesian, though, this is one where quite a lot of people don't do the research.
      • Another example is the video game Bayonetta. Not only did she not address the satirical nature of the game, there were several hints that she was not very familiar with the game. The biggest one is when she says Bayonetta is a single mother, something that is not true. Bayonetta does play the Action Mom trope, but only metaphorically (the girl she takes care of is HERSELF from the past), while Sarkeesian portrays it in the video as if she is a literal single mom. Made even worse by stating that that's her one and only positive character trait. To be fair, she later rectified and edited the video removing the parts in which she talks about the game itself and left only her complains about the marketing campaign in Japan, which were much more legitimate.
      • From the viewers' side, the backlash to Sarkeesian's Kickstarter video, as it was before she had even made any of the videos in the series.
  • Don't Shoot the Message: Many agree with the basic feminist ideas put forth by Sarkeesian but are put off by her attitude and the factual inaccuracies in her videos.
  • Girls Need Role Models: One of the reasons why she loves Veronica Mars.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • When she opened a Kickstarter campaign to get funds to create a new "Tropes V.S. Women in Videogames" series, it attracted a lot of criticism.
    Some were legitimate complaints from other feminists - such as suddenly becoming the voice for a majority of female gamers and her style of feminism - and accusations of transphobia and scamming, the latter of which has given away to a lot of complaints. To this day, there's still argument between activists (militant or otherwise) on both sides of the debate.
    The other was typical knee-jerk misogynist trolling from the unsavory side of the internet. The vitriol was enough to cause an Internet Counterattack in the form of many major gaming sites directing their readers to boost the Kickstarter.
  • Sacred Cow: Although the disallowing of YouTube comments on her videos might suggest that she's preventing more Internet Backdraft, there's a substantial amount of people who believe that she has done all she can to shield herself from any criticism whatsoever. Her fans and those who agree with her messages and use her videos as a means to start discussions seem to also not be able to stand when the discussion turns to her, her style, and her fact checking on her videos. Even Constructive Criticism can be met with substantial Fan Dumb. This is actually justified, as there have been several counter videos to her "Tropes vs. Women" videos that not only have this kind of Internet Backdraft to them, but also highlight some comments that they have received from Anita supporters that have been just as bad of a Backdraft when the videos have been constructive. Any attempt to bring up her Bayonetta video, her college thesis, or her TED conference speech, is met with the same amount of Fan Dumb. Some fans do focus on the extremely bad of the Internet Backdraft to raise support for deletion and/or silencing of any criticisms about Anita. This includes, but not limited to, accusing anyone asking about her thesis and/or other videos of being a Sock Puppet.
  • She Panned It, Now She Sucks: Probably at least part of the reason for her Internet Backdraft, especially since the stuff she's gotten the harshest criticism for hasn't even been put online (or possibly even produced) yet.
  • Strawman Has a Point:
    • The Femme Fatale episode of The Powerpuff Girls featured the main characters, (under FF's influence) refusing to clean their own rooms and giving the Death Glare to a boy roughhousing with a girl. Sarkeesian claims this depiction is disrespectful because women getting disproportionately harassed by men, and doing the lion's share of the housework are Real Life problems, and that the program is whitewashing them by presenting Townsville as unrealistically fair.
    • She makes a similar point with the Straw Feminist group on Veronica Mars as well; their initial activism is against rape and domestic violence, which are actually huge societal problems and are also common sources of activism among college-age women.

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