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YMMV: Feeder
  • Nightmare Fuel: "Cement", from their first album, is pretty much about stalking a girl and being turned on by it, and at the same time being repulsed by the act; the video doesn't help either.
    • Also from Polythene, "Descend" is a haunting song about proving one's sanity, and when played live (which is extended to 9 minutes or so) is pretty much Grant screaming "I'M NOT INSANE, CAN'T REACH THE PAIN".
  • Tear Jerker: Far too many. "Comfort in Sound", both the individual song and album, can be seen as the biggest example. The album was written mostly due to losing their drummer and great friend to suicide. The cover consists of a cartoon angel crying and almost all the songs are about Grant's personal way of dealing with loss, claustrophobia, depression, but most importantly having hope. Many see this album as Grant's finest hour of songwriting.
    • "Bitter Glass" from their next album Pushing the Senses deals with the fact that Grant felt he could have perhaps saved Jon from death. The opening line is "The thought of never knowing, would kill me all the same". What makes this lyric even more of a Tear Jerker is that Grant recieved a text message on his mobile from Jon, saying they needed to talk, but Grant had his mobile phone off. By the time the message reached Grant, it was too late.
    • The title song, "Yesterday Went Too Soon'' is possibly one of the most tear jerking breakup songs out there. The song is about wanting your ex-partner to see the pain the breakup has caused while trying to move on with life. "I wish I could show you, I wish you could, see through my eyes, tomorrow shines through, but I'm still missing yesterday", and what makes this song even more of a tear jerker is that "Yesterday Went Too Soon" is written on Jon Lee's grave.

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