YMMV / Faux Pas

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Despite Randy being Wrong Genre Savvy when it comes to most things foxily romantic, he manages to say exactly the right thing in the last strip of this sequence. Good game, foxboy!
  • Designated Antagonist: Dusk. Yes, she would happily oust Cindy and take Randy for her mate (to say nothing of eating most of the cast) but she's only acting like a wild fox. And she hasn't done any actual villainy "on-screen." Contrast Myrtle, who's done much worse and remains sympathetic... mostly.
    • Of course, she is also rather nasty in her methods, including threatening Toast's life to force him to be a spy.
    • Also, tricking Trapper, at least twice apparently. First sending him on a foolhardy quest to a distant mountain, ostensibly to impress Cindy, and later telling him that Randy was holding her against her will.
  • Fridge Logic: True, the owners of the farm (who are almost never seen) are portrayed as dense, but how could they not notice that the barn has 144 cats in it?!
    • For that matter, it might behoove Myrtle to do an updated inventory of the barn to see if there are now more than 144 cats in the barn. Odds are a good number of them haven't been spayed or neutered, and when you have that many fertile cats in one place, babies will happen.
    • A few kittens have made their appearance in the comic, mostly as company for the baby bunnies and April's kits.
    • Quite a few cats did leave after it became clear that Cindy would be sticking around, limiting the amount of time for "fun" with Randy.
  • Schedule Slip: Sadly, real life often intrudes on this strip. When it does, the creators will offer up some nicely done filler art and an explanation of the reason they haven't updated. Always ended by some variation of "And be of good cheer".