• Accidental Innuendo: If you give Caster an alteration that just raises her stats a little instead of giving her a new skill, she says this:
    "It's so cute the way you pour your love into me just a little bit at a time, Master!"
  • Awesome Ego:
    • Saber. She's got a bigger ego than Shinji, but rather than annoying, it just makes her awesome.
    • In CCC, Gilgamesh is even more awesome than his F/SN counterpart.
  • Broken Base: The excessive fanservice in CCC (see Fetish Retardant). Some players don't mind it while others think that it wasn't needed.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: By none other than Shinji Hosoe.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Everyone and their mum loves Karna.
  • Even Better Sequel: Extra was... a perfectly competent game from a mid-tier developer, with some interesting gameplay ideas and some nice visuals and music. CCC, meanwhile, is (for all it occasionally gets a little excessively "lewd") widely considered one of the swan songs of the PSP in Japan and one of the finest RPGs released on the platform, with fantastic story and characters, a killer soundtrack, a number of improvements to the gameplay systems, and visuals that push the PSP to its limits in a number of places. (This makes a lot of people more than a little frustrated that it never left Japan.)
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Despite the amount of ships she has, the most popular ship for FEM!Hakuno is Gilgamesh/Hakuno (which was shipped even before Gilgamesh was added).
    • For MALE!Hakuno it's Hakuno/Caster. Male Hakuno/Gilgamesh also has a following in Japan, as does Male Hakuno/Saber.
  • Fetish Retardant:
    • Saber's see-through skirt is not titillating so much as pointless and hilarious-looking.
    • CCC takes it Up to 11 with Sakura's various "clones," particularly Passionlip.
    • The True Final Boss, whose Noble Phantasm basically revolves around spreading their legs, sticking the planet Earth into their vagina, and attacking you with the resulting orgasm. Regardless of whether it's supposed to be Fanservice or actually intended as Fan Disservice, the whole thing ends up looking rather comical.
  • Foe Yay:
    • Leo, with the protagonists, especially after they beat his brother and when they're both in the finals. He's rather excited at the thought of fighting them.
    Leo: *Giggle* "I'm as enamored with this feeling of competition as a little girl is with a fairy tale."
    • Along with his Master noting the protagonist's "rump" (though in her case it's more because she wants to eat you), the way Vlad talks about Saber, Caster, and especially Archer more than implies this.
    Lancer: "My spear rises in giddy joy when I ponder my luck in meeting you!"
    • There's some between the protagonist and Julius, too. Seeing as how he comes back as a virtual ghost just because he can't stand the thought of losing to you, it's pretty evident. And it's not one-sided, either. You end up either crying or holding his hand as he dies. If you choose to say that you wanted to understand him, the narration notes:
    You: "Somewhere deep within that fervor, I uncovered my enchantment with this steely killer."
    • And, of course, CCC piles it on even further with Julius, stopping near-as-dammit at the line of outright stating it from Julius' side. The man tears through the trap BB set for you, more or less dooming himself again in the process, just to save you because you're the only real hope anyone has for getting out of this mess.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why does Alice's Caster's Reality Marble cause a Loss of Identity? Because Caster, whose form changes depending on who summons her, has no identity of her own!
  • Game-Breaker: Gilgamesh himself. It's mostly intentional, and already at testing his mode was known as "Hax mode". Not only his stats are higher than average already at the beginning, he has passive skills that give you additional income and drop rate from combats. his Gate of Babylon skill really hurts, and his noble phantasm, EA, instantly ends the battle, no matter who is against you.
    • Given the gameplay, this can be justified - considering the game has many ways of royally screwing your playthrough up. Having the King of Heroes as a servant with such capabilities are more often than not a godsend. To quote a Niconico Douga commenter on the battle with the True Final Boss:
    Commenter: "Seriously, I don't even know who the True Final Boss is anymore."note 
  • Genius Bonus / Bilingual Bonus: Red Saber calls her master "Sousha," in game this is translated as Praetor, however a literal translation would be Player, as in one who plays music in theatre. Musical theatre being something of an obsession of hers.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Twice Pierceman as a final boss, who had no build up besides being the Narrator All Along and having a giant Info Dump to justify his existence in the scene he's introduced, just before you fight him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Ho Yay:
    • Some minor examples between a male MC and Archer, such as Dan's Archer making pointed comments about 'domestic strife' and the Week 7 Day 2 scene still playing out like a Love Confession.
    • There's Foe Yay between a male MC and Julius, if you've got your Shipping Goggles on.
    • Ronnie's Lancer, on the other hand, is as forthright with the Ho Yay - upon being confronted with the playable Archer - as you'd expect from his other lines.
    Lancer: "Is it not fateful, stiff-backed archer?"
    Lancer: "That noble stare of yours outshines the moon. You are the Apollo that I have been searching for!"
    Lancer: "I long to pierce that supple body of yours with my spear. You compel me, you, you— You supremely gorgeous creature."
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships:
    • At this point, the female MC has been paired with everyone else in the entire franchise.note  So much that people started saying that she's inherited the Tohno Gland.
    • While not to the extent as the female MC, the male MC has been paired up with a lot of the other characters as well.
  • Les Yay: The female protagonist reacts very similarly to how the male protagonist acts when it comes to interacting with other girls, including being awed by their beauty. The scene in which the girl you saved gets jealous over the other girl feeding you lunch plays out exactly the same with a female protagonist as it does with a male protag.
    • Both the playable Saber and Caster fall in love with her. Caster even declares her to be her husband if you choose the right options, just like with the male protagonist.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Caster's Castration Punch.note 
    • "AUO, Cast Off!"note 
    • PADORU PADORUnote 
  • The Scrappy:
    • Gawain, for being a real dick to all three playable Servants, historical accuracy be damned.
    • Lil' Ronnie is painfully annoying to listen to. aNd rEaD.
    • For Fate/Extra CCC, Passionlip received flak based entirely on her physical design. It's mostly on the fact that in the original Extra, the game had fairly good and interesting character designs. Passionlip to many represents a blatant attempt at appeasing the people who felt that Extra wasn't ecchi enough like Fate/Stay Night was.
  • Squick: The final boss's Noble Phantasm in CCC involves using a planet as a sex toy.
  • That One Attack:
    • In CCC, Lancer's Tail attack is unfair. If you block the attack, you still take some damage, but you get stunned which leaves it open for her to attack you right away. If you don't block, you take a good amount of damage, and since she's already a Wake-Up Call Boss, it means you'll likely be having issues trying to keep your HP up to survive.
  • That One Boss:
    • In the first game, no matter what path you follow the Lancer you fight will be a pain to fight due to their high attack and extremely high defense. The Lancer from Rani's path is even worse because of his One-Hit KO.
    • In Extra CCC, the boss fight with Karna is this if your playing as Caster because his attacks are punishing against Caster and his Noble Phantasm is almost a One-Hit KO.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: Some people see this game as a watered down Persona 3 with Fate/stay night characters and concepts. The fact that two ex-ATLUS employees worked on the game doesn't help either.
  • Unfortunate Names: Though Gratuitous English is to be expected, who in their right minds would call their kid Twice?
  • The Untwist: If you read through Caster's skill list in her information section, you can learn her true name (which is regarded as a very important subject) on as soon as the first day. You'll still act as if you don't know it when she reveals it, of course. This is very likely to be a goof with the translation.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss:
    • Rider in the first game is the first boss you face but one of the hardest because you'll likely be not used to the game yet and be adjusting only for her to kick your ass if you failed to beat Shinji and her in the treasure event. Her punishing physically attacks can destroy a Glass Cannon build character in one turn and her Noble Phantasm is a nightmare.
    • In CCC the second fight with Lancer. The first time she's fairly easy and rarely uses her Noble Phantasm at all. The second time though she has way more skills, higher attack damage, and her Noble Phantasm becomes used nearly right away. It's Curse debuff is unfair too and she's easily a jump in difficulty compared to the other bosses.
  • You Should Know This Already: That one of the Berserker class servants is Arc and that the bonus boss is Shiki.