YMMV / Fatale

  • Complete Monster: The Bishop, the ancient, ageless servant of the eldritch old gods, pledges his existence to providing sustenance to his masters by wandering across the Earth in various forms. Engaging in regular ritual sacrifice—some of which involves the lives of dozens of infants tied to a tree and left to rot—and lording over servants who have cast aside their own humanity to serve him, many of whom he kills for slights, Bishop pursues violent delights to enthrall himself in his early years, awakening once after the 1906 earthquake to fatally beat a pleading old man trapped under rubble and soon after engaging in a spree to murder as many people as he could before sunrise. After an attempt to sacrifice the immortal Josephine, or "Jo", Bishop moves to San Francisco in 1956, tearing the unborn baby out of a pregnant woman and savagely killing a group of mobsters to tempt Walter Booker. Blinded shortly after, Bishop arises in the form of a cult leader named Hansel in the 1970s, where he leads more cult violence, regularly sells a woman named Suzy to be raped, and leads an attack on Jo's home which ends with her caretaker and current lover dead and the house burned down. Finally arising in the 1990s to 2014 as an executive named Mr. Sommerset, Bishop continues his attempt to sacrifice Jo—murdering scores of people and lounging in their corpses or bathing in their blood in his off-time—and finally resorts to torturing and killing Walt's nephew Nicolas in front of her. With no low he will not stoop to, either to provide for his gods or simply For the Evulz, Bishop is as big a monster on the inside as he is on the outside.