YMMV / Fatal Attractions

The Series

  • An Aesop / Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped- Wild animals can be very dangerous and should not be kept as pets. Likewise, even experts who are trained to handle dangerous animals can and do get hurt.
    • Unfortunately, this aesop is lost in episodes where the show talks about a person getting mauled/killed by the featured animal for that episode when said person wasn't keeping the animal as a pet and was attacked in the wild. While it does show the animal is wild and dangerous, it's not the same as showing that the animal does not make a good pet.
  • Don't Shoot the Message: While the show does have some pretty flagrant Double Standard for reptiles and a questionable tone, many exotic animal experts think the message of responsible pet ownership is an admirable one.
  • Narm - On the other extreme, some of the deaths can be seen as this. In particular was one episode where a man is killed by a hyena which contained Stock Sound Effects making it sound more like something out of a cartoon than a reenactment of a horrific death.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Some of the victim's deaths and their descriptions can be quite horrifying.
  • Tearjerker: The reenactment of Anita Finch's death. Between the music, the terrified resignation in her eyes, and the theory that she avoided seeking help out of a desire to protect her snakes (who were euthanized anyway), and it's very hard to watch.
    • The fact that many of the animals featured are killed just for following their natural instincts and being what they are. What's sadder is that most of them are killed to protect the public's safety and/or to save the life of someone they've attacked; these situations could have been avoided had the animals' owners actually shown responsibility and common sense.

The Marvel Comics Event

  • Foe Yay: Professor X and Magneto have a moment where Mags cradles Xavier's chin and invites him to "walk down my path", proving that this trope is Older Than They Think in the X-universe.
  • It Was His Sled: Wolverine gets his adamantium ripped out.