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YMMV: Fatal Attractions

  • An Aesop / Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped- Wild animals can be very dangerous and should not be kept as pets. Likewise, even experts who are trained to handle dangerous animals can and do get hurt.
    • Unfortunately, this aesop is lost in episodes where the show talks about a person getting mauled/killed by the featured animal for that episode when said person wasn't keeping the animal as a pet and was attacked in the wild. While it does show the animal is wild and dangerous, it's not the same as showing that the animal does not make a good pet.
  • Narm - On the other extreme, some of the deaths can be seen as this. In particular was one episode where a man is killed by a hyena which contained Stock Sound Effects making it sound more like something out of a cartoon than a reenactment of a horrific death.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Some of the victim's deaths and their descriptions can be quite horrifying.
  • Tearjerker: The reenactment of Anita Finch's death. Between the music, the terrified resignation in her eyes, and the theory that she avoided seeking help out of a desire to protect her snakes (who were euthanized anyway), and it's very hard to watch.

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