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YMMV: Fantasy Island
  • Nightmare Fuel: Several of the "dreams" were, well, unsettling.
    • One episode literally so, as a guest wants to experience a recurring nightmare all the way through to the end which she previously always missed when scared awake.
  • The Untwist: After the third or fourth time it was used (which is to say, early in the first season), the discovery that a fantasy love interest was actually another customer with a similar fantasy (who had presumably arrived on the island via a different means from da plane) grew to be expected.
    • Another Untwist: In sports fantasies, a guest will be given a magical piece of sporting equipment - a magic riding crop, magic ice skates, etc. - but is told at the end after he won the Big Game/Big Race that the items were ordinary and 'all the talent was in you when you started to believe in yourself'.
  • Wild Mass Guessing: Mr. Rourke is a benevolent Q.

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