'''The book:'''
* GeniusBonus:
** The Loch Ness Monster is really just a Kelpie that shapeshifts into a sea serpent when it wants to. Before the legend of Nessie became popular, a kelpie was what people originally believed lived in Loch Ness.
** Not to mention the only record of a Chimera being killed "led to the unlucky wizard in question falling from his winged horse".[[note]]In the original legend, after slaying it while riding the winged horse Pegasus, Bellerophon tried to fly to Mount Olympus (where the gods lived). [[JerkassGods Guess how well that turned out]] for him.[[/note]]
* NightmareFuel: The Nundu, which resembles a Leopard -- said to be utterly silent, gigantic, and able to wipe out entire villages just by ''breathing'' due to the diseases on its breath; it's so dangerous that the only successful kills have come from one ''hundred'' wizards working in concert. For comparison, that's ten times as many wizards as it takes to subdue the average ''dragon''.
** The Lethifold would also count, due to the fact that they sneak up on unsuspecting victims and smother them in their sleep. And ''digests them on the spot and leaves no evidence of their demise.'' They also have a [[ItCanThink deceptive cunning to boot]], that coupled with the fact that they can blend in with a fairly large range of things, [[ParanoiaFuel means that they could be anywhere.]]
** The Manticore, a ShoutOut to classical Myth/GreekMythology. It has a man's head, a lion's body, and a scorpion's tail, and its sting causes instant death. If that wasn't enough, its skin is ''nigh-invulnerable to magic.'' Not to mention it can speak intelligently and ''croons'' while it eats its prey. And Hagrid possibly ''crossbred'' one.[[note]]It's a Rita Skeeter article, so take it with a grain of salt, but if anyone ''would'' crossbreed manticores with fire-crabs, it'd be Hagrid.[[/note]]
** Then there's the Quintapeds. According to legend they [[WasOnceAMan were once a family of wizards]] before they were [[BodyHorror transformed into monsters]] by a rival wizard family, who were in turn eaten by the beasts they created. Whether or not the legend is true, these five-legged carnivorous beasts rate five Xs, and are so dangerous the island they live on has been marked completely hazardous and enchanted so it can't be placed on maps. God help us all if those things are capable of breeding.

'''The film series:'''
* BrokenBase: The upcoming film adaptation. While some are excited, others are accusing it of being a cash-grab.
** Several long-time fans have taken issue with the lack of diversity in the casting choices of the main characters, especially since the film is not based on a book. Others have insisted that it isn't really that much of an issue because of the varied background characters in the trailer.
** One point of excitement is that we're finally being given an opportunity to see the rest of the world, not bound to the Trio and Voldemort's story. Others have been a little more skeptical, and want the movie to take place in different locations around the world.
** One rather sticky point of contention is the announcement that American wizards do not use the term {{Muggles}}, instead opting for "No-Maj". Some fans are far too devoted to the word "Muggle" to accept this. Others think that "Muggle" is such a British-sounding word that it makes perfect sense that it wouldn't be used overseas. Still others agree with the latter point but think that "No-Maj" is a weak alternative.