YMMV / FanFiction.Net

  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "There are no FF.N Mods" due to the fact that FF.N Mods are almost non-existent on the site, and there's no real way to contact a specific one directly, and even if you do, they rarely respond to what you're contacting them about. As a result, a lot of FF.N rules such as no Alternate Reality Games, MSTs, Lemon Fics, or having real life people appear in fanfics is rarely, if ever, enforced, and are still posted on a regular basis and often stay up for years even if they break one of the rules FF.N has in place.
    • Korean adbots. For what ever reason, FF.N Forums infamously tend to get flooded with them, with the worst cases resulting in entire front pages of Forums reading like a Korean website. It's so infamous that the site admins had to forcefully remove links from Forums... And Korean adbots still tend to flood the Forums.
  • Never Live It Down: 'The Purge', one of the most infamous events in the sites history. In an attempt to free up space, the FF.N admins in all their infinite wisdom saw fit to purge 'inactive' Forums and threads, extremely old fics or fics that break their set guidelines, without informing anyone until after it had already happened. Not only has this render a lot of popular fics Missing Episodes, most of the 'inactive' Forums were actually still really active, with multiple threads and memories being deleted left and right, multiple Play By Post Role Playing Games having key arcs rendered as Missing Episodes and killing any activity the Forum section of their archive had, with many users jumping ship in disgust. Even today the events of the purge can still be felt, with many Forum archives of even popular franchises like Pokemon rendered virtual ghost towns.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The introduction of 4 character choices in filters. For the vast majority of fandoms the site is used solely for Shipping two characters together. Since the update this ability to add more characters has lead to an infuriating level of people who put all the main characters in a story as the 4 characters even if the story is just for shipping one of them. Example: Wanting to find Spencer/Aria stories for Pretty Little Liars, only to find that filtering for those two characters now also brings up dozens of stories that have Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily all included in the filters.
    • On the other hand, this has now made seeking out pairings like the OT3 a lot easier, now that one can filter out the fic that deals with just two thirds of the threesome.
    • It is possible for writers to make pairings which are recognised by the filter. Whether enough people do it to avoid irritating the people who still hate the new feature, however...
    • The hatred is somewhat lessened by the introduction of the exclusion filters, which allow you to filter out stories with specific characters and/or genres that you don't want to read. It's especially helpful when trying to exclude a story with an OC (thanks to the newly created OC character added to all sections) in order to avoid a shameless Mary Sue Self-Insert Fic, or exclude a character you don't particularly like. Though sadly, the OC character is a recent feature, so many of those stories lack it, ensuring that a few always manage to avoid the filter.
    • As of June 2015, links outside the site no longer show up in forum post anymore thanks to Korean adbot spam, and any outside links on a profile page just link back to said profile page. To say FF.N goers were not pleased would be an understatement.
    • The site uses the infamous 'robots.txt' code in its programming, preventing sites such as Wayback Machine from working with FF.N. This, as a result, renders a lot of Forums, Fan Fics, and RPs Missing Episodes. This is especially infamous since the higher ups at FF.N like to periodically purge inactive forums/threads/fics after a certain point to save on space, even if said threads were locked and unable to be reactivated or the fanfiction had already be completed. Naturally, bringing up robots.txt is a good way to ignite a bonfire that can be seen from space.