YMMV: Family Guy S 10 E 21 Tea Peter

  • Anvilicious: It's almost as bad as "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" in terms of heavy-handed morals, but at least it doesn't bash religion and it does have some funny moments in it.
  • Awesome Moments: Peter singlehandedly restoring a balanced government in Quahog.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: This episode can, will, and probably has offended anybody who has ever studied politics (though it does have some Values Resonance in it, given the 2013 government shutdown and news that the Tea Party-run Congress has the lowest approval rating in American history).
    • Also the joke about autism being an excuse for kids to be ill-mannered (though, given that autism is prone to being misdiagnosed and self-diagnosed, much like attention deficit disorder, that might not be as cruel as other jokes about developmental and mental diseases that Family Guy has done and actually makes for sharp social satire).