YMMV / False Memory

  • Complete Monster: Dr. Mark Ahriman uses his status as a psychiatrist to mind rape his patients and use them however he sees fit. Some he sends to commit homicide and/or settle his personal vendettas, some he drives to creative suicide for his own entertainment and some he uses for other things. While most of his patients wind up "cured" (read: stripped of the phobia he himself planted in the first place), there's always a chance he'll decide they're more fun to destroy. If the patient is a pretty woman, she's probably screwed, in more ways than one. He gets away with it for twenty years before anyone properly catches him.
  • Paranoia Fuel / Nightmare Fuel: Especially if you've ever visited a therapist, and/or had a severe phobia.
  • Squick: Ahriman, again. He licks tears, for Godís sake.
  • The Woobie: Skeet. His mother and stepfather have told him since childhood that he's a screwup and will always be one. They claim he has a "learning disability" that Dusty believes doesn't actually exist, and constantly denigrate his sincere attempts at changing. They're so terrible about it that Dusty uses Ahriman's conditioning to Mind Rape the poor kid into believing he is worth something, and is capable of succeeding in life. It works.