YMMV / Fall of Cthulhu

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Cy, after going utterly insane due to the events of the Godwar, losing everyone he loved, and being utterly powerless for much of the story ends up personally thwarting Nyarlathotep's plans at the cost of his own life, by banishing him back to the court of Azathoth. Even Nodens is impressed by this.
    • The Harlot also deserves much of the credit, as it was her plan and aid that enabled this
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Harlot, a green-skinned mutant of a woman in a doll's outfit, is probably the closest we'll ever get to Fan Disservice in a Lovecraft story. That she out-manuevered Nyarlathotep and manipulated the entire cast might have something to do with it, too.