YMMV / Fall of Cthulhu

  • Complete Monster:
    • Fall of Cthulhu: Nyarlathotep himself seamlessly arranges every single wrong in the comic for the purpose of unleashing his master Azathoth unto the universe. Having spent centuries walking among mankind among disasters and people he's Driven to Madness, Nyarlathotep spends hundreds of years arranging for the events of the Godwar between him and Nodens, intending to raise Cthulhu and use the ensuing chaos to draw forth Azathoth. To this end, Nyarlathotep, under the guise of "Mr. Arkham," gradually drives the town of Arkham into increasing insanity, ruining the life of Cy Morgan before having him tortured and leaving his insane form as almost an afterthought. Bringing his followers into the world one-by-one through the deaths of others, Nyarlathotep in particular has a seven-year-old child driven to homicidal insanity before having his form mutated and infested by one of his followers after having both his parents killed. Among his other cruel actions, Nyarlathotep hypnotizes the residents of a bar to burn themselves alive; hideously deforms the face of sheriff Raymond Dirk and threatens to torture master thief Lucifer; and has the brain of his human follower Connor painfully extracted and set up to look in a mirror until he's driven insane, unable to move or die. The exemplary point of Nyarlathotep's manipulations is outlined in the prequel comic Nemesis, where, solely to eliminate worship of a rival god, Nyarlathotep drives the population of Atlantis to frenzy through his followers and influence, has their king driven to savagery and eventually publicly executed by his own brother, and then sacrifices the entire city to the Deep Ones on a whim, keeping the sole survivor trapped in the form of a cat he dubs Nemesis to stand by him forever. Nyarlathotep perpetuates torture, suicide, and insanity around him wherever he goes, relishing chaos itself and striving for nothing less than to drive all humanity insane for kicks before eradicating them.
    • The Calling: Cthulhu Chronicles: Abisso Nero is a reclusive fashion mogul who is in actuality the leader of a nebulous cult striving to free Cthulhu and end the universe by folding eleven dimensions into one. To this end, Nero and his cult abduct and indoctrinate children who have been "Chosen," using their bodies to unleash latent psychic energy to tear a hole in reality through the other members of his cult— all hooked on a conduit disguised as a miracle drug called Briten. The last attempt at this resulted in nearly 2,000 fatalities. Undeterred, Nero has his messenger Henry MacNamara killed and forcefully recruits another young child named Gregor—slaughtering his mother in front of him—and trying to use him in yet another attempt to destroy the universe, the final result which results in the torturous death of every member of his cult. Not even his own family is safe from his machinations; it's revealed that years before, Nero arranged the kidnapping of his own son Stefano and had him forcibly indoctrinated overseas for two years. Nero proves that even in a universe of nightmarish, eldritch horrors, humanity can be every bit as vile as the horrific gods they worship.
    • Hexed has Yves. See that page for more details.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Cy, after going utterly insane due to the events of the Godwar, losing everyone he loved, and being utterly powerless for much of the story ends up personally thwarting Nyarlathotep's plans at the cost of his own life, by banishing him back to the court of Azathoth. Even Nodens is impressed by this.
    • The Harlot also deserves much of the credit, as it was her plan and aid that enabled this
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Harlot, a green-skinned mutant of a woman in a doll's outfit, is probably the closest we'll ever get to Fan Disservice in a Lovecraft story. That she out-manuevered Nyarlathotep and manipulated the entire cast might have something to do with it, too.
  • Funny Moments: Even though this is a serious Cosmic Horror Story, there are a couple of funny details here and there. For instance, once he's been let out of the Harlot's box, Cy still tries to seal himself in square boxes whenever he gets the chance.