YMMV / Fading Hearts

  • Glurge: "If you have a positive attitude, you can do anything!"
    Ryou: If you keep on believing things wont happen, then they wont.
  • Moe: — Any of the female characters, but especially Rina. Ryou finds it "really cute when she acts shy" and when she eats too much at once, puffing her cheeks out.
  • Narm: Many.
    Rina: Claire's boyfriend... is abusing Claire!
    Zac: Ahhh! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! (clapping)
    JesuOtaku: This is now The Room levels of bad Visual Novels.
  • So Bad, It's Good: JesuOtaku has gone on to call it "The Room of Visual Novels," because of its terrible dialogue, many grammatical errors, and overly serious story (not to mention how one of the characters is a survivor of the Y2K bug and is part of a group called the Y2K orphans... yeah) His video on it shows highlights that will give you an idea on why it deserves that title.