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YMMV: Facebook
  • Alt-itis: people often use multiple accounts in social games like Mafia Wars (even though this is against Facebook's policies, as well as those of many other games).
  • Broken Base
    • Hashtags. Even when they weren't functioning, some people still posted them on Facebook, while others think they're annoying and only belong on Twitter and Instagram. When Facebook made them actually work, those people were even more incensed.
    • Even Facebook stickers. For some, it's a harmless little change that can make chats cute (There's even some from Despicable Me). For others, it's a "useless add-on" or "a ripoff of Line Chat".
    • Whenever there's a major UI change.
  • Discredited Meme:
    • Not really a meme, but the "Please give me a million likes so that I can get a puppy/a tattoo/a new car/etc" pictures rapidly fell out of favor after they started popping up all over the website for a number of increasingly stupid reasons. Some people have even parodied it, saying "If we get one million likes it won't change a thing because we have to work for what we want".
    • Similarly, the "X people for [action]" fell out of favor too, which was parodied with groups like "An Arbitrary Number Of People Demanding That Some Action Be Taken".
    • Recently, it seems to be "Type (Something) that doesn't have a (common vowel/consonant) in its title" to where it's actually parodied.
  • Double Standard: Facebook's announcement of a new policy has stuck some users as this. The new rules would ban anything that "promotes violence" against women. While this sounds like a good idea many have criticized the rather vague and loose wording as well as the fact that is does not offer the same protections for men. The fact that it bases its judgments and training solely on feminist claims and (misunderstood) beliefs has also drawn some attention.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The ever-expanding No Hope for the Human Race comedy group is this.
    • And George Takei.
    • "I Fucking Love Science" is even liked by people who don't even like liking things on facebook
  • Fan Hater: Many opponents of Facebook have a Holier Than Thou attitude towards people who do use it.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With every. site. ever. Okay not literally. But its biggest rivals are Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter.
  • Good Bad Bugs: If you make a fanpage with the title in Chinese characters, Facebook fails to distinguish whether you're writing said characters as part of Chinese or Japanese and as such the URL will have the characters romanized as if they were part of Chinese regardless of context.
    • Due to Facebook being Banned in China, Japanese is more likely to be the intended language. It's a bad bad bug in that case.
  • Hype Aversion
  • Hype Backlash: Particularly Oop North.
  • Internet Backdraft: Expect any discussion of Facebook outside of a social networking site to be derailed by anti-Facebook rants.
  • Memetic Mutation: '98% of teenagers would die if Facebook shut down. Copy and paste this to your sig if you are part of the 2% that would sit back and laugh.'
    • 'That Awkward Moment' when you realize that you are one of them.
    • You might want to make that 98% of the population. There are some facebook-crazy adults too, and they're not all under 25.
    • That awkward moment when you realize nobody really cares about your awkward moments.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Ashleigh Hall incident, and a few other ones.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Facebook pretty much has all of your personal information, your tastes, and your social circle.
    • Of course, you could simply not put it there to begin with.
    • The founders of Facebook had proven themselves to be skillful hackers.
    • Take This Lollipop deconstructs your whole Facebook experience by putting the viewer In Another Man's Shoes of a psychotic stranger. The catch? You need to be connected to Facebook.
    • The "Like" button on many websites, including This Very Wiki, records that you've visited it, even if you're not logged into Facebook. Yes, Facebook knows every site you visit! Yes, all of them.
    • The aptly named "Stalker Apps." Facebook has always been jokingly accused of being friendly to Stalkers since you can find out every detail you want to know about a person from the comfort of your home, but then facebook started adding mechanics in which you can actually find the exact spot a person is posting from. Now not only do stalkers know everything about you they now know where you are.
    • It's not Paranoia if they're really out to get you: In 2014, it was revealed that Facebook was intentionally manipulating which posts its users saw (more negative, more positive, etc) in a social experiment to see how people reacted.
  • The Scrappy: Many Facebook games and apps, especially Farmville.
    • The "Top Stories" feature. Most people just want to go on Facebook to look at posts that happen chronologically, not random posts. Even worse is that Facebook sometimes forces the "Top Stories' feature without people knowing. Fortunately, it's easy to switch it to "Most Recent".
    • The "Messenger" app is this. It currently has a 1 Star rating on the App Store and people complain on how it uses your information and eats up your mobile data too fast. People also complain that Facebook is forcing users to download it.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Sometimes it blocks you from sending friend requests and private messaging to people who do not know you for a week for constantly sending friend requests to someone who may not know you. Emphasis on "may".
    • The "Seen at (Time)" Feature on Facebook Chat. It's a little timestamp on Facebook Chat that lets people know when they've seen messages, but it can also lead to mass paranoia, as one could think that they're ignoring them if they don't reply or don't see it at all.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Many noticable changes tend to get flak from many users. The more major ones will result in various protest groups with memberships of at least 1 million users.
    • One word: timeline.
    • Also, see the "Scrappy Mechanic" entry above.
  • Vocal Minority: Not everybody feels the need to advertise every single aspect of their lives on the site, but when it's always the same people, to the point where they recurrently litter your wall with their relationship problems, it makes you realise why people tend to look down on Facebook and social-networking in general.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: The reaction of some when British Police officers arrested a sixteen year old youth after he showed up in order to pick up drugs that they had offered him while posing as a similarly aged girl on Facebook. Various parties have pointed out, what sixteen year old wouldn't agree to doing something this stupid if they thought it had the chance to get them laid? Not to mention that before they entrapped him, he had never done anything illegal.
    • Not to mention, this raises the question of how certain you are that some of your "friends" aren't really undercover cops trying to bust you? Enjoy the Paranoia Fuel of what might happen if you click that 'Add Friend' button...

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