YMMV / Fable I

  • Annoying Video Game Helper: The Guild Master. "Try to get your combat multiplier even higher!" "Your health is low. Do you have any potions? Or food?" "Check the guild for more quests."
    • Parodied in one scene in The Lost Chapters where Jack of Blades starts mocking these things. "Hero, there is an important quest card waiting for you at the bottom of a slime pit!"
    • Your Combat multiplier is atrocious!
  • Complete Monster: Jack of Blades is an ancient being who lives through the mask he wears and possesses the luckless men who wear it In the past, Jack of Blades led the burning of the kingdom of Albion for refusing to bow before him and his comrades. He burnt the home of the first game's Hero and ruthlessly blinded his sister, later killing their mother as well. Ruthless, vicious and cruel, Jack would set the standard for Fables villains to follow.
  • Evil Is Cool: Jack of Blades is probably one of the most popular characters in the series.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Using the Hero Save in certain situations will make the game way too easy. The makers seem to have realized this, and your game will crash if Hero Save is used too many times in the PC version, and is removed entirely in Anniversary.
    • Also, it is very easy to acquire massive experience early on in The Lost Chapters by combining the combat mutiplier with the Ages of Skill/Will/Strength potions.
    • The shopkeepers in Fable and TLC have a dynamic pricing mechanism: for each item, there is a number that they prefer to have in stock, and they will set the buy and sell prices up when they are short and down with they have excess. Unfortunately for them, they only update the price after each full transaction ... so if you buy out the entire stock of an item at fire-sale prices, you can then immediately sell your entire inventory of the same item to the same shopkeeper at deep-shortage prices. With sufficient seed money, especially with high-ticket items like perfume, you can earn tens of thousands of gold pieces in minutes by this method without even changing shops.
    • By getting merchants to follow them out of their stores and getting them stuck where they can't move players can safely rob their stores without getting caught. Getting expensive items like Resurrection Phial, and pieces of plate armor that are on display very early.
  • Hype Backlash: The development team had promised several features that weren't in the game upon its release — tanned/bleached skin, the ability to plant an acorn and for it to grow into a tree — and people didn't take to the lack of these features. The sequel didn't receive as much ridiculous backlash mainly because the devs learned their lesson from the first game and didn't promise everyone the moon this time (except for the whole dog gameplay mechanic, anyway.)
  • Magnificent Bastard: Jack of Blades. Hideously, extravagantly evil, yet cunning and manipulative at once.
  • Most Annoying Sound: There's "Hero, hero" from the little girl in Bowestone South. Made even worse because the quest she's trying to get you to take is utterly pointless. The old witch doesn't even need the mushrooms you collect to complete the potion.
    • You better change your title quickly once you get the opportunity, or else...
    Chicken Chaser? Do ya chase chickens?
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Small one, but you age physically as you level up. As a consequence, if you powerup too fast too early, you're going to be a geezer and aging yourself down isn't a trivial matter. It can potentially cause a rift in the story in which you end up being older than your sister you meet up with again or even your own mother!
  • Stock Footage Failure: The Guild Master will let you know when your heath or will energy is low even when Jack Of Blades is burning down the Guild, and The Guild Master himself is lying wounded and barely able to speak. In the expansion, he can keep informing you of the blazingly obvious even when he is dead.
  • That One Level: Bargate Prison, in the attempt to rescue your mother, thanks to an egregious case of Failure Is the Only Option. Nothing you do can prevent Jack of Blades from capturing you and your mother on your way out. You then endure a long unskippable scene in a prison cell and an irrelevant Racing Minigame — and then have to repeat them both because your first attempt to steal your cell key from the Warden's office invariably fails and you can't just kill the guy while he's reading poetry off a wall with his back to you. To add insult to injury, once you do finally escape, your mother gets re-captured in the very next quest.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Jack of Blades was stripped of his sociopathic Creepy Monotone in The Lost Chapters and given a deep Go'a'uld sounding voice as a replacement.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot / They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Lady Sophia, the noblewoman High-Class Call Girl Hooker with a Heart of Gold from the Darkwood Bordello, shows a bit more personality than the others, seeming to fall for the hero and expressing a desire to escape the place with him and get married. Several players were disappointed at the realization that you can't actually marry her after setting her free. Twice stupid because this would have allowed Good players an alternative to marrying the evil Lady Grey and still get past the one Demon Door that demands them to have a wife with a noble title.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Anniversary edition has this sometimes. It comes from the fact that the character models are cartoonish and stylized, with realistic-looking skin and eyes. The worst offenders are the children in the game; Thankfully, outside the intro and Bowerstone, children are pretty rare in this game.