The Girl Group

  • Base Breaker:
    • The whole Sulli incident, since she abruptly ended their "Red Light" promotions by being absent on music shows until SM Entertainment could not hide it anymore. She officially left the group one year after the whole controversy began to continue acting. It's not helped by the fact she had shown signs of leaving a year before the whole thing even started.
    • Krystal's absence in SMTOWN since her sister was fired from Girls' Generation has not gone without notice by fans. She also received many death threats from SHINee fans for the sexy photoshoot she had with them. She was also confirmed dating EXO's Kai which it resulted in huge backlash.
    • Luna's BoA face and her extreme muscle loss from her thighs in a very short time.
    • Amber's tomboyish attitude still doesn't fly well in Korea, but international fans are more understanding.
    • The fact Victoria is perfectly set for leaving the group when their contract ends, having her own studio in China from where she can continue her career with no problems after f(x) ends, has started to worry fans that f(x) will truly end faster than they thought.
    • The album "4walls". It has been criticized for containing dull mall music (being played in H&M stores was a big slap in the face) as opposed to f(x)'s trademark experimental sound, not having any standout songs most falling in the "safe" category and ruining the consistently good record of f(x) albums. Fans have described "Pink Tape" and "Red Light" as albums that get better with every listening, while "4walls" gets worse. Some said they liked a couple of songs only, others went as far as saying the art direction was the only good thing about it.
  • Contractual Purity: Sulli received a lot of backlash for dating Choiza from the rap group Dynamic Duo, who is a decade her senior, most comments treading into Slut-Shaming territory. It's partially due to these comments that pushed her to leave f(x). Furthermore, since she was given a cute, babyish image since debut and was Not Allowed to Grow Up in the fans' eyes, many saw her romance with an older man as shocking. After leaving the group, her sexually charged social media posts and collaborating with Rotta (a controversial photographer known for his "lolita" concepts) have done little to salvage what's left of her former fanbase.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - This video of Luna singing "Bring Me To Life" with TRAX. Considering that her voice is more refined now, if she sang this again, it would be even more amazing.
    • Their album "Pink Tape" is considered one of the best K-pop albums ever, certainly the best of the year it was released, and the trend continued with "Red Light" as well.
  • Ear Worm: Quite a few.
    • "Electric shock (EH EH) electric shock."
    • "Rum pum pum pum."
  • Fridge Horror: Sulli only had one fansite during the time she was with the group, and this made her think she wasn't particularly popular in real life. In reality, the administrator, Jinnabit/Sulli94net, did anything possible to close any fansite dedicated to Sulli. She would blackmail, bully, harass anyone else who tried to have a site dedicated to Sulli. She thinks she is the only person who deserve to have contact with Sulli, and she was extremely against Sulli being with Choiza because that would take Sulli's attention away from her. She never even allowed Sulli to be friends with the other group members. Also, she has preordered a bouquet of flowers when Sulli turns 60, talk about creepy.
  • Memetic Mutation: Krystal's zinger to Amber in Snapchat became a meme overnight.
    • When Krystal and Kai's relationship was not confirmed yet, a picture circulated of them kissing in a hotel room. Fans tried to deny that it wasn't them, it was actually a seal and its trainer. The ridiculousness of the statement spawned the memes
  • The Scrappy:
    • "Kick", but mostly by players of Superstar SM Town. For context, it is currently the hardest song in the game, beating the original hardest song, SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, when the song was updated. Look for the song's lyric videos on Youtube and it is mostly always filled with comments regarding the game.
    • Sulli was cruelly loathed by fans due to how she leaves the group and she finally reaches Moral Event Horizon after she makes a vulgar post in instagram.
  • Signature Song: "Airplane", which is impressive because it's a b-side
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Their "art film" for Pink Tape which can either be a very artsy video... or Nightmare Fuel (especially the beginning part).
  • Yoko Ohno: Krystal when she was confirmed dating EXO's Kai. The backlash was similar to Sulli's. Tumblr went as far as saying human beings don't deserve to be happy and be in love when they are public figures.

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