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  • Girl-Show Ghetto: Averted, as Megumi Kudo became the company's top draw following Onita's "retirement" in 1995.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The Megumi Kudo-Shark Tsuchiya match listed on the main page under Gory Deadly Overkill Title of Fatal Death was Kudo's retirement match, meaning she retired as Champion, violating wrestling tradition which says you are supposed to lose your last match. This was just short of a year after Kudo had defeated Combat Toyoda for the title in Toyoda's retirement match (although Toyoda came back two years later, though in AJW, not FMW). They could have used Kudo to make a new star for the division by having that other wrestler defeat Kudo clean in Kudo's last match. It also ended up being pointless since Kudo vacated the titles in her retirement ceremony on June 13th, and Shark defeated Aja Kong for them on September 28th and never lost them, as they apparently became inactive at some undetermined point later that year. Thus, they made a big huge deal about Kudo having her last match and retiring as Champion...only to end up right back where they started five months later, much like how Lita regained the belt by defeating Mickie James after Trish Stratus had vacated it after winning it in her "retirement" match. The BIG difference is that, well, Trish didn't have to survive a "No Rope 200 Volt double hell Double Barbed Wire Barricade Double Landmine Crushed Glass Electrical Barbed Wire Death Match" against a selfish no-selling monster. That, and, unlike Toyoda OR Trish, Kudo never came back.
  • Vindicated by History: After being shunned and dismissed by the Japanese wrestling mainstream for a decade, Onita got to bring his style of match to New Japan Pro Wrestling. At NJPW Strong Style Symphony- New Japan Spirit 1999, April 10, 1999, on live national TV, he got to open the show in a No Rope Explosive Barbed Wire Death Match against Masahiro Chono, which went to a double-knockout. At NJPW Jingu Climax, August 28th, 1999, again on live national TV, in his "The Great Nita" gimmick, he main evented against the Great Muta in a No Rope Explosive Barbed Wire Barricade Explosive Land Mine Death Match, which Onita lost. At NJPW Riki Choshu Revival, July 30, 2000 on PPV, Choshu d. Onita in a No Rope Explosive Barbed Wire Death Match. While it may not seem like vindication for Onita to have been able to bring these matches to New Japan since he didn't win any of them, just consider how this was very different for New Japan. It's comparable to having the Terry Funk-Sabu barbed-wire match main event on Raw.

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