YMMV / Everlong

  • Informed Wrongness: Drakeor's berating of Doctor Ament for experimenting on himself more so than for everything else he's done. It's played up as him being in the right, but can come across as rather judgmental. Made even more awkward by the fact Drakeor is established early on as an extremely open-minded person.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The sound effect when you miss a physical attack. You're going to hear it a lot.
  • That One Attack: Several enemy skills are dangerous not just because they're powerful, but because they're made to be rude awakenings to anyone using traditional RPG tactics.
    • "Might Makes Wrong" will deal heavy damage if you use the Might buff.
    • "Reversal" uses each hero’s HP percentage and subtracts it from 100%, which can kill the party if everyone is at full HP.
    • "Counter Blow" records the last single hit done to the caster and inflicts that damage onto a party member. This is actually tame compared to "Backfire", which records the highest damage dealt to the caster since the last time the skill was used. Worse yet, bosses will often cast these skills multiple times in one turn to easily wipe power players.
  • That One Boss: Most Everlong players dread Aegir.