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YMMV: Evan Almighty
  • Anvilicious: Not by as much as the critics made out, but the film does have a much more overtly Christian influence than Bruce Almighty did.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: The ending glosses over the millions of dollars of property damage, the hundreds of people who probably died, and the fact that everyone on the ark, such as the Baxters, has lost their homes and possessions.
    • Which is actually a huge improvement over the original scripted ending, which had no twist to the scenario at all; there's a world-ending flood and the ones on the ark are the only survivors. Naturally, it didn't take long for everyone to figure out this might be a tad depressing for a goofy comedy, never mind that it makes the animals showing up nonsense.
      • And it's all pretty Harsher in Hindsight considering what happened when New Orleans got flooded for real.
  • Jerkass Gods vs In Mysterious Ways: On the one hand, God could have had Evan reveal that the dam was flawed and have it fixed or something so that the flood would not have happened. On the other hand, he could have done nothing and everyone would have died in the flood.
    • The fact that the flood was caused by humans and not by God further complicates the matter - should he have let the humans suffer the full consequences of their own mistakes? Stopped the flood before it began but risk that the ones responsible would not have been hit as hard by the reveal and may have been able to talk their way out of it and go on to do it again?
  • Sequelitis: While not a direct sequel, many felt this movie was a major step down from its predecessor.
  • Special Effects Failure: The flood scene was the main reason why this was the most expensive comedy ever produced (enough that the film had no chance to make back its budget after its tepid opening weekend) and most critics were not kind in saying the flood wasn't exciting or striking to watch, to say the least.

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