YMMV / Eraser

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Could it be that the two doctors at Cyrez trying to "revive" Johnny Castellone were part of the "program" Haggerty mentions, and were purposely attempting to murder him by electrocution? It sure seems so, when they repeatedly shock him. And the enthusiasm of the one manning the paddles (played by Camryn Manheim) suggests a certain level of malicious purpose. "Let's try it ONE MORE TIME!", even though she can see he's awake and aware, shaking his head in a negatory gesture and screaming through the bit placed in his mouth.
  • Complete Monster: Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper and Marshal Robert DeGuerin are a greedy duo planning to sell powerful weapons to a known terrorist. DeGuerin acts as a mole within the Witness Security Protection Program (WITSEC), murdering witnesses to cover their tracks, including one he was charged to protect. When Marshal John Krueger catches on to the duo, DeGuerin drugs his drink, rendering him unconscious, and murders a WITSEC deputy with Krueger's gun, making the latter a fugitive. DeGuerin and Harper then go on to try to line their own pockets, apathetic to the fact they are risking global terrorism in doing so.
  • Critical Research Failure: Dr. Cullen, apparently a physicist, explains that a rail gun fires "caseless aluminum shells at nearly the speed of light."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Back in 1990 or so, A&E had a short-lived series called Naked Hollywood, which focused on different aspects of Hollywood. The premiere episode featured a comparison of Actors and Movie Stars, and the distinction between the two. The two people who the episode primarily focused on were Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Caan.
  • Moment of Awesome: Arnie, plus two railguns. You do the math.
  • Signature Scene: Kruger kills two railgun-wielding mooks, dual-wields said railguns and goes on a rampage.
  • Special Effects Failure:
    • If you look carefully at the ending scene where the limo is destroyed by an oncoming train, you can catch the fact that the limo actually explodes before the train even touches it!
    • Though probably convincing in its time, by today's standards, the CGI alligators (done by Industrial Light and Magic, no less!) look extremely cheesy.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Eraser: Turnabout, a game loosely based on the movie, was a lame 2D shooting gallery with full motion video that was quickly forgotten upon release.