YMMV / Endtown

  • Arc Fatigue: Some of the arcs can go on for a little too long...
  • Base-Breaking Character: Aaron Marx. On one hand, he's provided Funny Moments, at least one Moment of Awesome, and some interesting new premises. On the other hand, he exhibits several Common Mary Sue Traits, including his sudden appearance from Another Dimension, and softens the sci-fi considerably. Some readers think he made the comic better than ever; others got ready to leave after too much of him.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Flask is one cold, violent soul, but the more we learn of her history, the more we relate to her determination to kill Topsiders.
    • Linda might also qualify. Initially a Topsider as bad as any, she mutated involuntarily and then lamented her probably permanent separation from her baby. She's been making a Heel–Face Turn since, and her acts of goodness tend to yield unpleasant results.
    • In a pinch, Mr. Allgood. He was quite a cruel Knight Templar with regard to Endtowners who use mutant milk and eggs, but he finally had a heart and stopped short of spilling Linda's dark secret. When he learned of Jacob's dark secret, he wanted to deliver justice but couldn't. In the end, a random citizen shot him in the back and hung his corpse from a lamppost.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Wanting innocent Endtowners dead for Topsiders' safety is bad enough, but where's the justification in killing them one at a time just so they suffer more?
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Really it's all over the place in this comic, there's a great deal of Body Horror, for one. The mutation that occurs when you're conscious into a monstrous Mutt being a prime example.
    • The Topsiders in general, just by the casual attitude they take to killing and their tortuous practices.
    • Schism Syndrome. It turns Jim into a crazed psychopath who acts as though he's possessed by a demon, and leads him to burning most of the lizard settlement alive.
    • Holly's backstory, with her giving birth to a fish mutant that dies, and her husband transforming into a Mutt, all while society crumbles around them.
  • Special Effect Failure: A nightmare for Wally is shown in a strip where blood oozes from the phone... but it's obviously drawn in a paint tool causing a bit of Narm.
  • The Woobie: Maude and especially Holly during their unjust imprisonment, torture, and embarrassing trial. Even after acquittal, Holly got downright suicidal, telling Wally she's lost their baby.