!!YMMV for ''Series/{{Endgame}}'' (TV series):

* FanPreferredCouple: Despite some ShipTease with Danni, fans prefer to ship Arkady with either Sam or Alcina.
* {{Launcher of a Thousand Ships}}: Arkady Balagan

!!YMMV for ''LARP/{{Endgame}}'' (LARP):
* CrowningMomentOfAwesome:
** "Get off my fucking lawn!" - Helen O. Byrne to Chalithac
* CrowningMomentOfFunny:
** "Charlie Brown fucked us." (See also: {{Oh Crap}}.)
* NightmareFuel: This game is basically one giant oil gusher of Nightmare Fuel, usually with a good dose of {{Body Horror}} thrown in.
** Angels of The Unsated One - an entity of all-consuming hunger. Two beautiful angels, wings and all, completely soaked in blood, lovingly tearing off strips of each others' flesh and eating it. GAH.
** Players once ran to try to interrupt an evil ritual, and arrived too late to find the sacrificial victim with yards of his intestines pulled out his body and strung up into the tree branches. The players had to reach into the intestine-pile (which was made of stuffed sausage casings and fake blood) to retrieve the ritual scroll to determine what happened. One player, who works as an EMT, described the scene as highly accurate.
** Early on in the game, some people (a doctor, an emt, a tavernkeep, a bio teacher) went to a nearby town to mercy-kill the residents to prevent them from incurably becoming ghouls due to cannibalism. Not only were there real OOC nightmares, but there was real OOC throwing up afterwards. For several of the folks who went, that was a character defining experience.