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YMMV: End War
  • Banned in China: Quite cleverly averted by the devs at Ubisoft Shanghai. Since depicting the general devastation of China by foreign invaders isn't allowed, China is knocked out of the running as a global superpower by suffering a total societal implosion thanks to the economic crisis which begins the war. However, since this happens offscreen, everything's A-Okay as far as Beijing is concerned.
  • Game Breaker: While still possible to beat, a number of units and strategies, when applied properly, are capable of breaking Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors and pretty tough to beat.
  • Player Punch: When you send your units into completely suicidal situations that there's no way they'll possibly escape from (which you're bound to have to do at least once), they tend to respond in sad, quiet voices with things like 'Wish us luck!' or 'We'll try our best, sir'. Anyone who doesn't feel like a complete and total bastard in that situation isn't human. Later in the game, every time a unit dies becomes a major Player Punch as well.

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