YMMV: Emperor: Battle for Dune

  • Fridge Horror: The Harkonnen ending is the only one where The Commander is not present. What the Mentat said in the intro rang true.
  • Game Breaker: The stealth-capable Fremen soldiers in Emperor can be this if used right. In the final mission, you can easily bypass the entire battle by training a group of Fremen, manually moving them on foot straight through the enemy base (without attacking anything), then have them attack the mission goal structure, move them out of the way of the slow-firing defensive cannon, and repeat until it's destroyed.
  • Special Effect Failure: The FMV's suffer from this. The actors' skin will occasionally have green highlights when there is no green light source nearby. The imperial crown is also very clearly made of rubber, and characters may occasionally stretch it out when placing in on their heads.