YMMV / Elona

  • Annoying Video Game Helper: Any pet who doesn't have the "Control Magic" skill but has multi-target spells. Control Magic prevents spells from hitting allies, so a pet not having it makes spells hurt you and your other pets in addition to your enemies. Especially annoying when the spell is fire or ice elemental, since getting hit by these spells has a chance to destroy a random item in your inventory.
  • Game Breaker: With sufficient amounts of hunting or luck, you can acquire a Rod of Domination. Use that to dominate a Gold or Silver (Platina in Elona+)) Bell. Genetically modify it to boost its level and give it extra limbs, then give it a shuriken (one that preferably nullifies poison). Pick a fight with a monster that's stronger than you. Laugh when your new best friend cuts it to shreds.... Or just give one Lulwy's gift weapon, The Wind Bow. The ether won't affect it, no modification required, same results.
    • Playing the blackjack games enough times will net you enough potions of cure corruption to trade/sell for anything a wandering adventurer might have. And then you can steal them back on top of that. (however, you'll need new potions as their base value changes once given the stolen flag.)
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The small chime that plays when one of your stats or skills level up, and the three flute notes that play on a payday or when your potential improves.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Food has a random chance of being cursed, which causes you to vomit and become hungrier when eaten. Having to waste money and time on identifying your food to just so you can know it'll work as intended is quite annoying.
  • Squick: You can get pregnant even if your character is male. On top of that, you actually give birth to aliens, which are hostile NPCs. If your character is pregnant, you can cure it easily though, you just have to eat rotten food or a corpse and puke up the baby instead.

The spin-off Elona Shooter provides examples of:

  • Game Breaker: Gravity Gun, Gravity Gun, Gravity Gun. This Ball-Of-Death shooter is indispensable to getting the Chosen One medal The change in difficulty once you get this is so big, you go from struggling on the previous days to breezing through the following levels. A lesser extent is the Crossbow that could shoot through mobs, hitting multiple times on big targets, making Hunters a solid choice from the beginning.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The game mechanic is pretty standard for a castle defense game, however when you look at the details, it's pretty bizzare.
    • For starters, the enemies include: egg-flinging chickens, sheeps, running rats, rats parachuting from pteranodons, bomb-carrying strawmen, kamikaze eagles, ballistae, tanks, walking dragons and flying dragons.
    • Your assortment of weapon is mostly standard firearms: pistols, revolvers, grenade launchers. And then you have the Gravity Gun (which shoots an energy ball of hurt accross the screen) and the various bows, crossbows and bowguns.
    • At the town, you can raise chicken and collect eggs to sell for money. Other methods include killing people at the local museum, taunting enemies (so they get stronger, but you receive more rewards), etc
    • You can buy "sisters" (i.e bomb-carrying little girls) that are deployed at the beginning of the level, and can be shot at to damage enemies nearby. They are regenerated after each day. Also, with the skill "Love", you can also get compensation for their "deaths".